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William F. Buckly Jr. 1925-2008

A short time ago, I announced the spiritual death of conservatism in America. Now, conservatism has died bodily…

William F. Buckly Jr. was found dead in his study on Wednesday. Possibly he was working on a column or yet another book.

I remember Buckly, back in the days of the Firing Line show. Then, I didn’t know who he was or what he stood for, but I knew the guy was damn smart. Actually, I thought he was an Englishman, so lofty was his language.

Buckly paved the way for so many in what we call the Conservative Movement. More and more though, I’m trying to avoid that terminology, for it’s too narrow, too cliche. What I believe this “movement” entails, are parameters for unlinear but right (correct) thinking. It’s not a cult, it’s not popularism; it’s what works best for the Republic.

He penned some 55 books, many of them spy novels. Buckly himself was a graduate of Yale University and a former CIA agent.

The best thing about William F. Buckly Jr. was that, despite his intellect, he was never rude or demeaning. He always took the time to listen to some one’s point of view and on only one occasion did he lose his public cool; during a television show airing a debate between he and Gore Vidal. I can forgive him for that to be sure…

What pains me is the thought of the gleeful dances and hand-wringing some on the left are doing. Buckly routinely had to fight through crowds of angry leftists at book signings, even though he surely would have been the first to stop and help any one of them were they injured or in need of assistance. The thought reminds me of a very liberal acquaintance of mine back in college, whom upon hearing of Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, uttered “Good” under his breath. Yes, this is the Left that has a monopoly on compassion.

Buckly combined everything, in my mind, that an American Conservative should strive for: Intellect, patience, humor, joy, education and strength.

I’m not sure we have anyone left to carry his mantle. He was Rush Limbaugh’s mentor. He was a titan in the fight against encroaching atheism, socialism, and cynicism.

William F. Buckly Jr, I wish that I would have been able to meet you before you passed from this world, and I hope that I can accomplish one iota of what you did.

Go now to God for your rest…


Bill’s lost lesson from, The Prince

I once heard that Bill Clinton used to sleep with a copy of Niccolo Machiavelli’s classic treatise on politics, The Prince, under his pillow. I wonder though, if he missed one of Machiavlli’s chapters.

In chapter three, Machiavelli states, “Thus the Romans, seeing inconveniences from afar, always found remedies for them and never allowed them to continue so as to escape a war, because they knew that war may not be avoided but is deferred to the advantage of others.”

And that is precisely what occurred during the Clinton administration. Bill Clinton became a victim of his own 1960’s indoctrination. That word, the V-Word; Vietnam, would forever paralyze him when it came to the use of military force. Thus, Clinton did not fully understand the State. The welfare of his State–America–was not the primary directive of Bill Clinton, it was his own ego and his longing for legacy.

He refused to act against Al-Qaeda, though America was repeatedly attacked both overseas and on our own soil. There was the first attack upon the World Trade Center. A huge truck bomb was placed under one of the towers in hopes that upon the tower’s collapse, the second tower would also be brought down. We should remember that the only reason many more people did not die on 9/11 is because there was a thirty minute window in which people were evacuated. The terrorists who perpetrated the first attack hoped to kill 250,000 people. As it was, 6 people died, hundreds were injured, and who knows how much property damage was done. Clinton’s administration refused to admit that Al-Qaeda was involved, and all the time, that dancing, giggling court jester known as the mainstream media brought the King his wine and played him merry music…

Next were the attacks on the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. The towers served as barracks for US troops. 19 US soldiers were killed by another truck bomb. Clinton quickly promised to bring the bombers to justice. A few low-level conspirators were beheaded by the Saudi government, however the administration placed little pressure on the Saudis to move forward with investigations. It was never mentioned in meetings between Clinton and Saudi officials during future diplomatic meetings. Currently, 14 individuals have had US indictments placed on them, but none of them are in US custody.

By then, terrorists around the world sensed Clinton’s weakness. They proceeded to bomb three embassies in Africa, killing over 200 people. This became known as the “wag the dog” scenario, with Bill launching some Tomahawk cruise missiles into Afghan encampments thought to house Osama Bin Laden. By then, no one could deny Al-Qaeda’s and Bin Ladin’s involvment.

Finally, the American war destroyer, Cole, was rammed by a ship carrying jihadists and a huge amount of explosives. The resultant detonation ripped a gaping hole in the ships port side, and took the lives of 17 sailors. Again, Clinton used grandiose words like, “despicable” and “cowardly” but left out more appropriate remarks such as “act of war.”

Here’s a segment of an article written by journalist Byron York for the National Review in 2006. York quotes former Clinton advisor Dick Morris throughout the portion:

In early August 1996, a few weeks after the Khobar Towers bombing, Clinton had a long conversation with Dick Morris about his place in history. Morris divided presidents into four categories: first tier, second tier, third tier, and the rest. Twenty-two presidents who presided over uneventful administrations fell into the last category. Just five — Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt — made Morris’s first tier.

Clinton asked Morris where he stood. “I said that at the moment he was at the top of the unrated category,” Morris recalls. Morris says he told the president that one surprising thing about the ratings was that a president’s standing had little to do with the performance of the economy during his time in office. “Yeah,” Clinton responded, “It has so much to do with whether you get re-elected or not, but history kind of forgets it.”

Clinton then asked, “What do I need to do to be first tier?” “I said, ‘You can’t,’“ Morris remembers. “‘You have to win a war.’“ Clinton then asked what he needed to do to make the second or third tier, and Morris outlined three goals. The first was successful welfare reform. The second was balancing the budget. And the third was an effective battle against terrorism. “I said the only one of the major goals he had not achieved was a war on terrorism,” Morris says. (This is not a recent recollection; Morris also described the conversation in his 1997 book, Behind the Oval Office.)

But Clinton never began, much less finished, a war on terrorism. Even though Morris’s polling showed the poll-sensitive president that the American people supported tough action, Clinton demurred. Why?

“He had almost an allergy to using people in uniform,” Morris explains. “He was terrified of incurring casualties; the lessons of Vietnam were ingrained far too deeply in him. He lacked a faith that it would work, and I think he was constantly fearful of reprisals.” But there was more to it than that. “On another level, I just don’t think it was his thing,” Morris says. “You could talk to him about income redistribution and he would talk to you for hours and hours. Talk to him about terrorism, and all you’d get was a series of grunts.”

Full article here:

So here we are, with George Bush taking the heat for what Bill Clinton should have done long before. Machiavelli’s lesson went unlearned, with Clinton deferring war to a later date and a later president and costing America a savage blow as the Twin Towers fell.


Obama: Prophet of the left

Can there be any doubt as to the leanings of our country at this point in time, given the numbers that election polls are showing?

The nation has surrendered, bowled over by a deluge of negative war and Bush stories. There will be no talking sense to our people now; we’ll have to learn the hard way–again. The Bolshevik Revolution took place in 1913. Who would have thought that almost 100 years later, some would still have to argue as to whether socialism works? The farther into a socialistic quagmire a country wades, the closer to its own destruction it comes. It’s so easy to see what happened to the Communists and how many of the once-great European nations have faded: Germany: Double-digit unemployment for over a decade; France: Massive immigration issues made worse by a staggering economy; Britain: high unemployment and a depleted national identity. All this despite the fact that Europe’s military budget was minuscule thanks to US overseas deployment. Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Australia. All of them suffer from similar problems, and yet the hypnotic effect of government give-aways pulls them closer to the edge of oblivion. It’s like a chunk of rotting meat in a bear-trap, the aroma pulling the bear closer until the jaws snap shut–then it’s too late.

It appears that Obama, transcendent and messianic, will be our next president. He has already secured the Holy Grail of the presidential run: Media Approval. Yes, the most liberal senator there is, will be our president…


Why I’m still supporting John McCain

About a year ago, I stated to some that I saw McCain as being a person that would appeal to the widest spectrum of people as a presidential candidate. This was not an endorsement of McCain, it was merely an observation and I believe that it has proven to be true. I must of course admit that the wide support for John McCain, as with almost everything in this flip-flopping nation, has to do with the media coverage he gets. As we can now see after the New York Times most recent innuendo posing as journalism, the media may be turning on him. They were content to let Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh do their work for them in the recent past, but now that Limbaugh and Hannity have relaxed a bit on McCain, the leftists in the media are cranking up their attack-machine with extreme prejudice.

Back in September, I wrote a blog supporting McCain for president. Here it is:

I stand by that, despite what my favorite conservative talk-show hosts say. McCain seems to have one thing going for him that few people do, not to speak of politicians: An ability to be honest with himself. I know that conservatives have some major issues with McCain. I have at least one: His seeming affection for globalism, mostly driven by the environmentalist agenda. That’s a big problem for me. The rest of the world will inevitably drag America down to their level. That’s the way these things always work. America must lead, not follow or try to fit in. Plus, global-warming is the biggest scam since Amway.

But let’s look at the positive things that McCain brings to the table:

1) He is extremely consistent in his speeches about the necessity of maintaining the fight against Al-Qaeda and fundamentalist Islam. This in itself separates him from almost every liberal I know.

2) Though he doesn’t control the legality of abortion, he has, for twenty-five years of record, been anti-abortion. Again, I don’t know any liberals that take this stance.

3) For better or worse, he does what he says. Many say that what he says and does proves to be wrong, but McCain’s honesty with himself, I believe, at least makes it possible that he could see errors he has made and correct them in the future.

4) McCain doesn’t suck-up to anyone. He just doesn’t. In fact, he has a temper, which his conservative critics have used in their arguments against him. I say good; we need a president with some fire. We haven’t had one in a long, long time. It’s one of Bush’s weaknesses–he’s too nice. He never turns up the heat on those that attack him because he believes that by being “classy” the bad people will make themselves look like the idiots they are. But in a world who’s knowledge is controlled by the media, it doesn’t work out that way. They can cover up their mistakes too easily and they can cover the mistakes of the people they favor–something they did with Bill Clinton for two terms.

5) I don’t think McCain worships power. This fact, in effect, makes him more powerful.

6) He plainly states that we must control our border.

The argument that conservatives should not vote for McCain because to do so would bring destruction to conservatism and also to this country, does not hold water. McCain, quite obviously, is not a socialist of the caliber of Clinton or Obama.
I fear the narcotic effect of socialism, how it can drag a nation’s people down, chipping away at their will for greatness bit by bit, and all the time, the people can’t see it. Government-run health-care will do just that. It will make things worse, but the people will be unable to perceive this, and unable to give away something they think they’re getting for free.

Please, do the right thing, conservatives. I know you know that McCain is not as bad as the Democratic candidates. McCain himself has plainly stated in recent speeches how awful Obama and Clinton could be, so we shouldn’t assume that he wants to play nice with the Dems.


Calling all liberals…

If there are any liberals who read my blog, will you please answer a question I have. Why, why oh why, do you think America is such a bad place? Seriously. Why do you complain about everything this country does, from its over-seas policies to its domestic law? It’s a common thing that I find amongst all the leftist writers, especially those that populate the New York Times and Newsweek.

The strange thing is, it seems like not only do you hate most things about the greatest nation ever constructed, but you don’t even want said nation to do the things you want, because then you’d have to stop the complaining. You guys remind me of some old codger who’s all alone and constantly makes up problems so that someone will talk to him.

Any libs reading? Give me an answer. Do you want us to win in Iraq? Or would you rather we turned into France?


Barak’s Michelle

This past weekend, Michelle Obama, wife of Barak Obama, made a speech in which she stated that, for the first time in her life, she is truly proud of her country. She says she’s proud because the country is demanding change. Barak quickly clarified his wife’s statement, saying that she meant, for the first time she was proud of American politics.

How many times is a person running for president, or in a position of power, going to allow their fate to be controlled by someone close to them? When will they learn to grab the microphone from their wives’s hands before she says something stupid. Remember Tipper Gore? Where’d she go? Bill Clinton too has all but ruined Hillary’s chances, by showing his a side of himself that the media used to help him hide. But then he did the dumb thing and attacked the media itself. He found that no power on earth can withstand the American media’s wrath, not even Slick Willy…

Michelle Obama finds herself on the cover of the leftist rag called Newsweek. I don’t know about you, but the bias in that magazine drips off the pages and makes a mess on my floor. Mark my words, Michelle Obama will make no more speeches before the primaries. She’s done, or hopefully she is, for the sake of Barak’s hopes of socialized utopia. He’d best just hand her a bottle of Vicodin and stock the cupboards with Rum and Coke, then buy her the complete first season of Desperate Housewives. “Honey, why don’t you just stay home and relax, watch a movie. I’ll be at Oprah’s if you need me…)


In the Army Now…

So I went through my MEPS processing yesterday, and let me say that it was a long, irritating and downright bad experience. At 6 am I arrived in Jacksonville after getting only three hours sleep. It was a three hour trip there. I went through the physical exams and such, which took hours. Finally, near the end of the day, I went to see the army liaison, whose job it is to seal the deal on my contract. Basically, I had to hold my ground on the job I wanted. They tried every trick in the book, from trying to make me look dumb and like I didn’t know what I wanted, to sweetening me with car salesman talk on jobs I didn’t want. Through the ordeal, I made it clear to them that I was not changing my mind on job preferences, and that the jobs I told them I was interested in were the same ones that I had spoken to my recruiter about when I first walked into the recruiting station two months ago.

The liaison, couldn’t get my job title correct, nor its series number. He repeatedly told me that the jobs I wanted were not available. I told him I’d have to walk out without a contract if that were the case. He got huffy-puffy, slammed some papers down on his desk, and told me to call my recruiter. When I had her on the phone, I explained the situation. Now, I give her credit; she went out of her way many times to tell me the truth and she drove me to Jacksonville on the same amount of sleep I had. Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed with what the liaison was trying to pull, which was sell me a mediocre job and save the good ones for later. What irritated me, is that my ASVAB score was a 94. Who the hell was he saving the job for? James Bond?

When my recruiter finally arrived at the MEPS station, I was told to go to another area of processing so that my finger prints could be taken. As I sat giving my info to a civilian employee so that she could log the info, the liaison walked up to me, looking disgusted, and held his finger under a line on my contract. The line said: “Intelligence Analyst”, the job I had been pushing for and that supposedly was not available only ten minutes prior. I had wanted to go 18 x-ray, (Special Forces) but since they wouldn’t give me a contract that day guaranteeing the spot as I need to see a specialist for my knee, I decided to go with my original choice of Intel. When I’m in, I can always try out for Special Forces if I choose. Adding fuel to the liaison’s fire, the woman processing me stated, “Oh, you got a good job!” I smiled. She told me that prior to the civilian position she now held, she had worked for Naval Intelligence and said that she enjoyed it immensely, but since her husband was a career Navy man, she decided to get out because their children needed someone to be at home with them.

Also on my contract is a two-week Airborne school at Fort Benning. The Intelligence school is a 19 week program in Sierra Vista, Arizona. My signing bonus is $16,000.

All in all, I’m happy with this. It’s not set in stone yet, as I still need to have my knee cleared with the specialist, and to have my Top Secret clearance accepted. The training I’ll get here will prepare me for a possible career in the CIA or NSA, or maybe if I like things enough, I’ll do twenty years in the army.


Firebase Cobra Part II

Here’s Part II of the Firebase Cobra series. It depicts US Special Forces in Afganistan…


A long jump into the darkness…

Well the Army recruiting thing is just about over. I go to MEPS on Tuesday and will be sworn in if they guarantee me the spot they’ve offered. They offered me a Special Forces slot (18X). It will be tough I know, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to serve my country, with the army’s best men.

The process goes like this:

1) 16 weeks of infantry combat training at Fort Benning, Georgia. This includes basic and advanced training.

2)3 weeks of Basic Airborne Course at Benning.

3)14 days at Special Forces Prep Course 1, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

4)At this point, there will be a selection process. Not all who make it through the whole deal will be selected; only those that the trainers feel are best suited. Those that remain will be allowed to enter the Special Forces Qualification course. 4out of 5 people remaining at that point will fail.

5)Then to the Primary Leadership Development Course.

6)Special Forces Prep Course II– 10 weeks of SERE (Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion) traing, plus hand to hand combat and disarming.

7) Next, I’ll be assigned to one of five specialty Seargent postions, Medical, Engineering, Communicaton, Weapons, SF Officer, depending on what I have shown proficiency in.

8) 8-12 weeks of language school–depending on what language I’m assigned.

9) I will then take place in a large scale unconventional warfare exercise, Codename: ROBIN SAGE. Then I will be awarded the Special Forces tab and the coveted Green Beret.

This will be tough. I’m taking nothing for granted. I’m not assuming I’m smart enough, tough enough, good enough. I must take each portion one at a time. People think I’m nuts, but I’ve never argued with that. It will be, without question, the toughest thing I have ever done. It’s all about pain tolerance, calm under pressure, and mental and physical endurance. Ouch.

Say a prayer for me. Actually, it’s possible I could just fail my physical on Tuesday and it’ll be a moot point….


A look back

The following article is one of the best I’ve read on the justification of the Iraq War and the Left’s idiotic attacks on the Bush administration, in particular, those by that lying, ginormous, dunderhead, Michael Moore. Ahhh–too bad the article is scribed by Christopher Hitchens, whose vitriolic attacks on religion usually amount to nothing more than emotional arguments against the church establishment. But hey–at least he knows Al-Qaeda’s evil, something his leftist brethren still can’t figure out 1000 carbombs later…

Link here:

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