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Limits of the State

When we look at the various forms of government implemented throughout history in various nations, we can come to but one conclusion: The type of government and economic scaffolding implemented, does not always determine the fate of a nation.

The most important factor in determining a nation’s success or failure is culture. What does a nation’s society value? How does it define right and wrong?

We have seen what happened in Russia and to some extent, other Eastern European countries when capatilism was implemented in a somewhat artificial and blanketed manner. Russia never fully removed itself from its old values. Corruption was and is accepted as the way things are done. As a collective people, Russians never arrived at the positions American’s found themselves in 1776:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

These are the musings of aliens to the Russian. Therefore there can be no public will to stand behind a constitution similar to ours. Public will is the only thing that gives legs to any action of government.

As much as I believe that Adam Smith came as close as a human could to codifying a way to human happiness, I also know that without the proper cultural foundation, no color of State rule can lead to freedom and it’s fruits.


Thank you Peggy

“I think we’ve been through a period where too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it’s the government’s job to cope with it. ‘I have a problem, I’ll get a grant.’ ‘I’m homeless, the government must house me.’ They’re casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first.” ~ Margaret Thatcher


Winning in Iraq; losing the presidency

I posted a poll on my blog today. You’ll find it in the upper-right corner. It asks if an American victory and withdrawal of troops from Iraq by 2008 damages the chances of a Democrat being elected president. Some may want me to define victory, but before I do, I want to remind you that there is a portion of the moonbats who would never recognise victory in any form. My definition would go like this: The present government maintains a stable democracy where rule of law is held in high esteem. Through law, insurgents, attempted coups and small scale invasions from Iran and Syria are promptly and strongly dealt with. It should also be noted that I don’t think we’ll be out of Iraq in 2008.

Iraq will probably, at least in my life, never be a pristine example of a democracy. Perhaps the best we can hope for is something like Pakistan. But that’s a huge improvement on what was there six years ago.

Of course, most of the Dems voted to go to war. But then they discovered what a great weapon the war is against the Republican party. And they fully invested all of their rhetoric into defeat–because after the difficulties of dealing with the insurgency, they were sure we had lost. But we hadn’t. Al-Qaeda, and you don’t hear this much in the mainstream media, has been crushed. The worst defeat possible has befallen them: Rejection by the Muslim community. No longer is Al-Qaeda protected by frightened Muslims. These people want to live in peace, and they know that Al-Qaeda brings only death.


Secularized, homogenized and moonbaterized

Children in King Middle School in Portland Maine will be popping contraceptive pills if officials at the Portland School Committee have their way. The committee’s proposal will give students in grades 6-8 access to a full spectrum of contraceptives, including a morning after pill. Condoms are already available.

Our schools have failed us–because we gave them to government. Instead of representing our core beliefs, the schools now shape our beliefs. We took out God, we told the children the evils of Christopher Columbus and about bad white men like George Washington. Oh, and don’t forget what Hernan Cortez did to the wondrous Aztec Empire–yes the same Aztecs that ate the hearts of their human-sacrifice victims. Everything that Little Johnny learned was good and proper back in 1950 has been turned upside down. It is clear what happens when we give any portion of our well-being to the state

Humans are unhappy on the inside. We fall off the proverbial horse, get back up to ride again, and fall off the other side. Humanity is like a person who rearranges the furniture once a week. If only they can get the set-up just right, they’ll feel better. But we can’t get the outside just right. Only the inside matters in the end.

It’s ironic that the Left, which has trivialized sex, wants to talk about it all the time, everywhere and to everyone. Let’s face it–sex is a powerful force. It is not a toy. It can destroy a person, both physically and psychologically. Like all powerful forces–it can be used for good or bad. To hand our children such a weapon in hopes that it will be properly used is like handing Johnny a gun and telling him where the safety is. Sex is more powerful than either the religious or secular care to admit. The religious fear its power because they are constantly wrestling with temptation. The secularists fear the power of sex because should they admit sex’s true importance, they would have to treat it with respect. It has even been said that the power of sex is such, that a person’s nature can be gleaned merely from observing the type of person he or she sleeps with.

Until we remember sex’s power, and respect it, our children will continue to become courser creatures; and more and more 13 year old girls will make the F-Bomb part of their lexicon.


Collectivism and the destruction of the ego

Among the many motives that pulled humanity from its caves and jungles and into the enlightened era, there is one that stands prime: Human ego.

Ego and the sense of accomplishment, the destruction of one’s obstacles and the overcoming of difficult situations. This is what causes, indeed forces, humanity to improve. Without these challenges, the individual mind stagnates, becomes lazy and flacid. I’ve seen it in my own life and it’s evident in the portions of America that have been granted funding simply for having a certain skin color or possessing certain genes. These people have been told for decades that they are victims, and victims need help. The so-called saviors of these people are victims themselves: Of linear thinking.

The black community has gone backwards because they fell prey to the culture of victimhood that is so fashionable on the left. The crime rate amongst blacks is way up since the 1960s. A portion of my heritage is American Indian, and I can assure you that there are massive problems on the Indian Reservations in my homestate of Maine. All of these problems are attributable to collectivism. The natives that live on the tribal land are given free housing and per capita checks every year from the governement. They are given free college tuition too. But that which cost us nothing has little value to us. I know this myself as I’ve always had a problem in keeping track of my sunglasses. Then I payed $100 for a pair of Oakleys and kept them for longer than all my other pairs combined.

It is really a tragedy that Americans have not learned the attrocities commited on the human spirit by collectivism. First, it smashes competition. Competition is a driving force for good. In sports, baseball for instance, when the season homerun record was 12, everyone strove for 13. But when it was 61, the target number was 62. To remove competition is to destroy part of our humaness. Humans can overcome great barriers, but not when they are taken care of. Only when they can take care of themselves can we be great. Will our children drink milk forever? Will they always have training wheels?

Also on collectivism’s hit-list is individuality. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Our mission here on Earth is to maximize the good and minimize the bad. Socialists tell us that for the most part we are all so bad that only a system can help society to reach its potential. But I say that only the individual can take us where we need to be. One person at a time must come to the conclusion that they themselves, without government, can make a difference.

If we want minorities to become successful, if we truly desire that the weak be made strong, we must challenge them. They must act, not with cliche’d picket signs, but by removing the brand of victimhood that is now burned into their souls by the left’s pundits. The challenge does not guarantee that everyone will succeed, however it does give everyone a chance. The only chance that collectivism has been shown to grant is universal misery.


Did you know…

That there have been 16,791 people to date killed by Islamic terrorist in Iraq since the invasion? 225 people have died from collateral damage from American operations(while Americans were fighting Islamic terrorists).

It’s funny when people say that the Iraq war is being used as a recruiting tool by extremists. Yes, it is. And before the war they used other recruiting tools and will use still more when the war is done.

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah…nor follow the religion of truth…until they pay the tax in acknowledgement of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”~ The Koran.


Just one question…

What the heck does global warming have to do with world peace? Wow. Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is like me receiving the Pulitzer Prize for designing a new type of toilet paper. Books are made of paper after all.


Inconvenient Truth is untrue according to British Court

A British court ruled that Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, is factually inaccurate and if shown to school children, must be balanced with the views more commonly held by the scientific community. It is sad that this movie gained so much attention, and only because Gore’s name was involved.

The court sited eleven claims made in the film that have either been proven to be incorrect or controversial. Of particular note is the assertion that the icepack of Mt. Kilimanjaro is retreating because of global warming, that Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming and that polar bears are dying because of global warming. All of these have been shown to be false or have no scientific link to warming. In fact, the polar bear population is on the rise, and there is no increase in the frequency or intensity of hurricanes.

This is one area in which clearer heads have won out. The issue of global warming is cooling. Strangely enough, a search of AP news articles in the last ten days shows no articles produced on this. There was an article in Reuters London though. Those journalists just KNOW we’re all going to boil off the earth–and they just can’t let you think any different.


Face it

Face it America. You’re not tired of our soldiers dying; you’re tired of the news telling you the same stories everyday. But the media has slowed on its Iraq reporting. Why? Because we’ve won. Yep. I’m declaring a US victory. And now the war is no longer a Democrat talking point. A win in Iraq simply doesn’t help them gain power–only bad news does. Car bombings could occur from now until the cows come home–but we’ve still won. Our soldiers are the best in the world, folks. All of the mall shopping in the world, carried on by our nation’s people, won’t change the fact that our military is great. We shop; our soldiers fight. We complain; our soldiers win. We are pundits; our soldiers are champions. This battle has been carried on long enough, I admit. But we won, because will is the prime factor in all of humanity’s struggle to relieve itself of the pain inflicted by tyrants–and the will of our volunteers far outstrips that of the undergrads discussing International Relations at Starbucks.

Now I ask a difficult thing of the Democrats. Admit that you have been defeated by an American victory. Admit that the world is better without Saddam, and that within a few years, all of the hyperbolic rhetoric will be forgotten–not by Islamic extremists; they can never be sated by anything but death–but by the squawkers within our own borders; by the European countries who are changing their tone before our eyes, each of them I’m sure, somewhat embarrassed for being bullied by Neo-Facsist Russia. So, secure in your defeat and secure in the fact that your country still loves you despite your years of slandering and calling its leader Hitler, find something real in your life to hold on to. It can’t be God, I know. Al Gore maybe? He’s up for the Nobel Prize, even with his error-ridden film.

As I’ve admitted defeat in the arena of American culture, so should the left admit defeat in Iraq.


The police, force and the media

On Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning, he was speaking about the Florida police officer who hit the 15 yr old girl in the face after she bit him. Yup–that’s what happens when you bite people.

The longer I worked at the job of police officer (That’s all it is to me–a job. Not a calling or something sacred) the more I realized that I did not possess the same rights as the average citizen. For the most part I had far less. Each year, I noticed that officers were under more scrutiny. The stress from this alone was enough for many to wish that they had followed other career paths. The second guessing was incessant. Most of the officers, including myself, found that it was better to do nothing. Avoiding trouble was rewarded in that there were no complaints filed, no lawyers knocking on the door with a civil-suit and no injuries from fighting with out-of-control drunks.

Is this what you want from your police force? That’s what America is getting, because, as with a nation’s government, America gets the police it deserves. America wanted me to drive around in a cruiser with a cup of coffee looking really serious, wearing body armor, carrying a gun. I wore the garb of a warrior, but needed the politeness of a Wal Mart greeter. I saw officers spit on, have bones broken, stabbed, exposed to deadly diseases–but in almost 8 years of work, rarely saw a criminal go to the hospital because of injuries incurred while battling police. They kicked the windows out of our cruisers, screamed the most vile words of abuse at us and we took it like professionals in the vast majority of instances.

More and more, crime IS paying. When a nation fails to protect its police, it is undermining the very foundation of all democracies–rule of law. And that’s what is occuring at multiple levels; a complete disrespect for the law and its arm–the police.

Our children should be taught in high school civics their “rights”, so police won’t have to hear “I know my rights.” No, you don’t son, you really don’t.

In the last few weeks, we have the taser incident at Florida University, and we have
the incident of the officer slapping the 15 yr. old. In both cases the police are presented as abusive. But it just isn’t so. Here’s something that needs to be taught in civics: The police use of force continuum. Its goes like this:

1) Police Presence. Officer simply shows up at the scene. Hopefully people stop acting like idiots.

2) Verbal Commands. Officer tells the drunk guy at the bar to leave and reminds him to take a cab.

3) Hands-On. The police officer can grab a person to enforce a lawful order, such as, “Sir, leave the bar now.”

4) Non-Lethal striking and weapons. Police CAN hit. If someone struggles, the officer can strike with baton, he can kick to large muscle groups, he can pepper-spray or taser. So now you know that Taser Boy got what was coming. The officers asked him to leave. He didn’t. They grabbed him by the arms. He struggled and broke loose. They wrestled him to the ground where he continued to struggle. He rode the lightning. That’s the way it works. Sorry

5) Lethal force. The police can shoot anyone posing the threat of serious bodily injury or death. Many, many people that the police could legally shoot, are subdued by other means.

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