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The media is helping terrorists

I found this article in the course of performing my “real” job.

It’s what I’ve said all along.


Is the media scared of Jihadists?

Maybe they should be.

One more victim of Hollands surrender to Sharia.

Geert Wilders: One more victim of Holland's surrender to Sharia.


People believe what they want to

And that’s what leads me to believe that the world is chuck-full of anti-Semites. They want to believe Israel commits war crimes. They suck it up like tapioca. It used to be that non-Western countries believed everything propagandists told them. Well, now it’s the West that likes fairy tales.

Has anybody remembered that Hamas is listed by the European Union and the United States government as being a terrorist organization? Forbid to think that terrorist organizations would commit war crimes. That a terror group would repeatedly violate the Geneva Convention. Oh–but that’s ok, because it’s not us.  The Palestinians have made their choice. They chose unwisely–yet again.

It’s starting to look  more and more like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World everyday.


Relevent article from back in July.

I wrote this back in July, but I think it fits the situation we’re seeing in Gaza.


Brilliant article on religion and the press.


My letter to the LA Times

The link I’ve provided goes to an article written in the LA Times by Rosa Brooks. In the article she attacks the War on Terror. I’ve pasted my comment below the link.


The media’s unceasing war on America

If only the media displayed the same strength of will in fighting murderous jihadists as it does in fighting America, our battle would be all but over. The columnists with bachelor’s degree and fuel-efficient cars have a point to make, and darn it, if it means that Americans don’t have to know the WHOLE truth, well it’s all good because in the modern day journalist’s mind–America must pay for her sins.

Afghanistan is now back in the news. Not surprisingly, it’s because 9 soldiers, bravely serving in the WORLD-WIDE fight against extreme Islam, died when their firebase was attacked along the Afghan border.

See the story here:

The administration had better have learned from the dreadful decisions it made in Iraq, all because it was afraid of media backlash. In the Battle of Fallujah, US troops were sent to pacify the city which in 2004 was a terrorist stronghold. The troops battled, door to door, alley to alley, slowly pushing the insurgents out, and killing those who refused to surrender or make an escape.

But then, our saviors, those self-righteous key-board warriors, began noticing how brutal things were in Fallujah. ‘Look at Imperial America, slaughtering these poor Terrorists….” So Bush did what he’s been prone to do thoughout his administration: Listen to people who will hate him no matter what he does. He pulled US troops out of Fallujah, ordering that they stop their advance through the city–all to make people who have no true understanding of military matters, happy.

And Americans died because of it.

The second battle of Fallujah, a microcosm of the second invasion of Iraq, manifested the effort to clean up the mess we’d left, because we were afraid that our cleaning job would not be clean at all. But war is not clean. It’s the dirtiest business there is.

The second time, US Marines upped their tempo, smashing the insurgents before the media could shed a tear for the poor homicidal theocrats.

And that’s what we must do in Afganistan. As we remove troops from Iraq, which will begin happening sooner then people think, we must increase our troop levels in Afghanistan. I say this as a person who will very likely be deployed within 6 months of leaving Ft. Huachuca in November.

If we are to win, we must be untiring, unceasing–a juggernaut whose wheels are slick with the blood of terrorists. There is no place for them to hide. No place they can plot forever–that is what they must know and that is what America must guarantee.

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