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Article by General Wesley Clark

Retired General Wesley Clark is a staunch Democrat. Here he addresses what the Democrats must do to remedy the accepted view that Democrats and the military don’t play nice together.

It’s an excellent article, where Clark makes the point that complaining liberals don’t generally enlist–so things don’t change to their liking within the military. Probably a good thing.¬†

I don’t agree with Clark’s assessment of the Clinton years being some sort of Shangri-La for military service. To all of my knowledge, the armed forces were gutted to all time lows and morale was terrible.


The Democrats in Cali are at it again

The Dems are at it again.

In their effort to demonize everything your dad did and does, and replace dads actions with¬†everything Elton John did and does, California Democrats are proposing an increase of 30 cents a can on beer in their fine Moonbat state. I found this story on, as well as the tasteful picture of the nubile lasses, posted to the left. Yes, Germany still produces some good products it seems. (Mike, before you say it, I know BMWs are German. I’m just saying…)

What would Ben Franklin and Samual Adams think?

We may be looking at another Peasants Revolt here, but this time it won’t be led by Thomas Muentzer, and it won’t be about religious reformation. It’ll be led by Harry Coddlesikes, owner of the local laundromat, and it’ll be about a man’s inborn right to drink a cheap cold one after a long day’s work…


Dems on the wrong side of history yet again

Democrats visited Iraq at the beginning of the war–And Saddam funded the trip:


This is good…

What’s it take to be a Democrat? Find out here.

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