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Article by Mark Bowden on Bush and shoe-throwing incident.

Mark Bowden is the famed author of, Blackhawk Down–A Story of Modern War. He has written several award-winning books since then, as well as several articles for various papers.

Though Bowden is certainly no Republican, I find his thinking and writing to be honest and I can ask no more from anyone. In this article, Bowden argues that George Bush should ask that the shoe-thrower be released. And I agree with Bowden on this. As Bowden pointed out, Bush immediately joked about the situation, calling the shoe a “Size 10 missile”. He was unharmed. I would like to know what the thrower’s attitude would be if Bush asked for his release. I think it would be the Christian thing to do, and sometimes there’s nothing better at embarrassing your enemies than to offer him the other cheek.


It’s a puppy’s life. In Iraq.


Does this puppy know his fate? Real soldier. Real puppy. In a truck. Alive. Happy. Puppy….


Ralph Peter’s interview with Gen. Ray Odierno

Ralph Peter’s interview with Gen. Odierno shows how far we’ve come. It illustrates how wars are won; through constant adaption.

Al-Qaeda is a shadow of its former self. It made the mistake of engaging the United States in outright war (granted, an insurgent war) that allowed a super-power to channel its resources into one area of the world, isolate its enemy, and proceed with its annihilation.

The hard truth is this: Cultures clash. When one problem is dealt with, another will rise. For the rest of our lives, that is the way it will be. Global Utopias make good conversation in classrooms, but hold little resemblance to the world as it is and always has been.

We Americans will continue to offer peace to everyone. We will continue to give billions in aid around the world, to develop technologies that make life better, to trade and lead. We will continue to deal with oppressors who seek to destabilize entire regions for their own personal gain or lust for power or religious zealotry.

And a portion of the New Left, here in the US, will continue to cry fowl, and cry loudest. That does not change the facts as they be: Most of the world loves America; Americans love peace, but not peace at all costs.


Killing puppies in Iraq?

I hesitate to show anyone this blog:, but go ahead and look so you can know what we’re up against. There is a link to a video there, supposedly showing a US Marine throwing a puppy over a cliff. I found another copy of the video from an old YouTube posting, though the video has been removed form the actual YouTube site. I don’t know who faked the video, if it was the Marines trying to be funny, or the usual suspects back here in the states. Either way, it’s dumb. The Marines should act above reproach at all times, and this type of thing, even as a joke, plays into the moonbat’s hands.  

The video proves that people will believe anything that they want to believe. And what’s the most disturbing, is that people want to believe our soldiers are doing this type of thing. I’m glad I don’t walk around thinking this way about our country.

The video is clearly fake. But, the moonbats will never accept victory, they will never accept the idea of an honorable military, whose standards outstrip its critics standards.

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