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It’s time to leave the UN

But America won’t, because for some reason that escapes me, people are infatuated with multilateralism. They just adore it. The EU, the UN, The Kyoto Protocol; it’s all evidence that they can buy the world a Coke and live in perfect harmony. But it simply has never worked.

President Bush spoke at the United Nations General Assembly this week and told them something that they needed to hear. I’m paraphrasing. The Human Rights Council has failed again and again. It is comprised primarily of countries that hate Israel and the United States. The Council has failed to act on the most egregious forms of human rights violations in the world. In the most recent assembly, it enacted two resolutions against Israel but none against the most atrocious regimes on the face of the earth. That brings the total to 15 resolutions against Israel and 4 impotent resolutions against Sudan; Land of the Dead.

The Council was unable to decide if an investigator should remain in Darfur, and so postponed its decision for three more months.

Here, in a nut-shell is what happens when entities like the UN form: All states that take part in the entity’s actions, like all things in life, tend toward homeostasis. And since the chaotic malcontents far outnumber the successful western cultures, the West finds itself playing down to the lowest common denominators. To allow the opinions of known human rights violators such as Russia, Cuba and Saudi Arabia is lunacy. Lunacy in the name of just getting along.



No, I’m not talking about listening to Rosie O’Donnell. I’m talking about water-boarding. Torture is bad. So is shooting someone in the head. And yet, liberals try to tell me how evil America is for water-boarding captured members of Al-Qaeda, yet they never speak of the Al-Qaeda operative whom gets shot in the head from 300 yards by a Marine sniper. Give any operative a choice between water-boarding and getting shot and see what answer you get. CIA agents must undergo water-boarding so that they have experience with its effects. Is Amnesty International crusading for the rights of CIA agents to not be subjected to torture?

It’s too easy to say that America shouldn’t use torture because torture is bad. I always investigate closely anything that seems too easy–axioms if you will. Many times I find them to be correct, but often I find that they are cliche’d and spoken of without true thought.

Would torture be alright if your baby girl or boy were being held hostage by Al-Qaeda, perhaps with a scheduled YouTube beheading looming? If you say that you wouldn’t authorize torture in such a case, I question your morality. And I don’t proclaim torture to be moral. I proclaim it to be at times necessary. Just as long-range head shots in a war are necessary but not really moral. We need to stop thinking of war as a moral issue. I’m sure this shocks many people who only want it to be that. I’ll say it right here: WAR IS EVIL. It causes massive destruction, kills thousands, sometimes millions–and yet sometimes it’s necessary because there are even more horrible things than war. The will to live and the right to live are beyond morality. I expect no one to willingly die, even if they deserve death. The will to live is just too strong to expect that.

Never the less, Bush signed into law a bill outlawing water-boarding. He got no credit from the lefties though–he’s a fundamentalist after all and deserving of no credit for anything.


How can the media be wrong so often?

Do they do any investigation before they write and broadcast their stuff? They can’t. There’s no way. And apparently most of the Democrat members of the House and Senate don’t either. There’s a massive outburst today, both from the House floor and the leftist media (90 % of the media) about a statement that Rush Limbaugh made yesterday. Limbaugh was commenting on former lefty love-child Jesse MacBeth. MacBeth had drawn adoration from liberals and military haters because of MacBeth’s statements that he had served in Iraq where he witnessed soldiers abusing Iraqis, burning bodies and hanging them from the rafters of mosques. For months, MacBeth spouted what the weirdos that have taken over the Democrat party wanted to hear: America is evil. But guess what?

MacBeth lied.

He was never in Iraq. He washed out of Army boot camp. He has been convicted and sentenced for lying under oath. Yesterday, Limbaugh commented that MacBeth is a phony. Major media outlets like MSNBC jumped on the story saying that Limbaugh labeled all soldiers that did not agree with the Iraq war as phonies. I heard the whole show yesterday and that is obviously not what he said and he would never say such a thing. John Kerry was predictably among the knuckleheads berrating Limbaugh. This is the same Kerry who in 2005 accused the American military of attrocities in Iraq. To think that this man was almost president.

This story is all over, with journalists asking politicians for their response to Limbaugh’s supposed statement. The media has messed up again–but they’re unaccountable. Who watches the watchmen? Drooling head-nodders, that’s who.


Syrian nuclear facilities–gone.

On September 6th, the Israeli air force dispatched a wing of F-15 Strike Eagles into Syrian airspace and launched a successful attack on a nuclear tech. facility. The facility was the result of collaboration of the North Korean government and Syrian scientists.

The response from Syria to this overt act of war by Israel? Utter silence. Why? Because they’re scared. Syria boasted the thickest net of anti-aircraft installments of any country in the Middle East. They have recently purchased ultra-modern technology from (surprise) Russia. The stuff didn’t work. Good.

The real reason Iran’s president Ahmadinejad payed a visit is because he’s afraid too. Recent reports by Indian nuclear scientists who’ve visited Iran to help out with the nuclear program, state that they were asked repeatedly by Iranian officials and scientists if America and Israel would attack.

Why are these countries scrambling all at once to build nukes? Because we’ve broadcast Western disunity over enforcing international law. Saddam didn’t have to abide by UN mandates, why should they observe IAEA rules? We don’t have the will to win and the rogue states know it. The West is like a single-mother who’s tired of controlling incorrigible Johnny, so lets him do whatever he wants.

Tim Russert hit Hillary Clinton with some good questions at the debate the other night. It’s shocking really. Journalists are prone to throwing softballs to Democrats (remember- only 4% of journalists are registered Republicans). But Russert pressed her on several issues–torture, Iran’s nuclear ambitions. And Hillary did what she always does: changed her story on one question and refused to answer the other. She is not a leader–never has been, never will be. She’s a poll reader. It’s not easy to lead. It’s tough. You make enemies but you follow your conscious and do the best that you can. You listen to those who have experience and wisdom, but ultimately if you’re in charge, you make the tough choices. The media has destroyed most candidates’ will to be leaders because the backlash is too strong for making unpopular decisions.

Hillary can’t make an unpopular statement let alone a decision. Russert asked her about torture. She stated that she opposed all forms of torture. Russert than revealed that the parameters he had read to her for the torture question were from her husband, Bill. Bill has supported torture under the right conditions. Hillary joked that she needed to talk to Bill about his conclusions. Of course Hillary has stated before in an interview published in the New York Times that she supported “ticking time-bomb torture.” Then Russert asked her about Israel’s right to strike Iran should Israel’s security be threatened by nuclear weapons. She outright refused to answer. Israel struck Iraq in 1981, destroying a nuclear reactor. What’s different now? America is different, that’s what.


Citizen Soldier to Segregated Warrior

The similarities in the historical curves between the Roman Empire and America are staggering, frightening really. But so much of our mode of government and military system was taken from Rome, that perhaps I should not be surprised by the ways Roman decay so matches America’s own.

One worrisome aspect that I hope future generations will take care to remedy is the current segregation of our civilian from our military. More and more, beginning with the Vietnam conflict, our nations warriors are being pushed aside from their country’s populace. Our best colleges have banned ROTC programs and it’s almost unheard of for a graduate from one of these schools to enter the military. This is a problem. We have so demonized our own military, that it is threatened by us, not our enemies. We treat our armies as plebeians, doing the dirty-work for unappreciative mall-shoppers. What a shame, for there has never been a great civilization without a great army. When you become great, many would plunder your treasures.

In ancient Rome, around 100 BC, Romans served in the army not for money, but because of a sense of duty to the state. Those that could afford armor and other equipment were called Class I Hoplites. So the richest did the toughest fighting. An interesting concept. The poorer farmers and such served to a lesser degree and with weaker armor and weapons. When a military conflict had come to an end, the members of the army went back to their civilian jobs.

Toward the second century AD, Rome was primarily a demilitarized society. This despite its reputation as a martial culture. Only the poorest served in the military, which was at that point a paid professional army. Very few of Rome’s soldiers were born in Italy, for Rome absorbed the armies of every nation that it conquered, granting citizenship to those who fought for the great city.

During the peak of the British Empire, the finest and highest ranking officers in the Royal Army were graduates from Oxford. This is in part why British colonies did so well, and in the end improved the world. We should learn from the British model of old.

The great universities of America need to change their pompous attitudes. They need to get rid of their elitist mentality. If they want the military to change, then they should accept ROTC programs and they should be recruiting officers who are currently serving in the military so that these men can attend their schools. That is the only way these schools can bridge the ever widening gap between our fighting men and America’s civilians.

For more on this, see my article–The American Republican Army.


McCain–At least he has a spine

I admit that in the past I had some serious questions about John McCain. But he’s significantly improved his status with me in the last couple of months. He speaks soberly but with conviction, he fully understands the implications of the war in Iraq and the dangers posed by fundamentalist Islam. Most importantly, I truly believe that he loves America. He has not changed his rhetoric to meet the swaying tides of polls; he must know that his stance on Iraq is doing him no favors but he’s been honest with himself and the citizenry and for that I must commend him. McCain has shown himself to be an honorable man while serving his country. I do not give an automatic pass to those who have served. Wesley Clark is vastly at odds with my views for instance, but I will give everyone their do for serving in the armed forces as military service no longer carries the honor that it used to among the populace.

McCain has a spine. He says what needs to be said and his words seem fresh to me when juxtaposed with those of Hillary Clinton’s canned speeches. His comments about are exactly what needs to be said and I see that he has no fear of not being elected as president. That’s something I see amongst most of the candidates–fear of irritating someone, if only for stating the truth. But we need to hear the truth. Also, I believe that McCain can quell some of the polarity that has (though I believe unjustly) gripped our nation. The GBDS (George Bush Derangement Syndrome) that many are experiencing can be controlled with medication–and McCain may be just the apothecary to administer the dose.

Right now, John McCain has my support for the Republican nomination.


Dick Cheney in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal today published an article by Dick Cheney. Cheney is an excellent writer; I’ve read other articles written by him and am impressed.

I implore everyone to read this article. Then ask yourself: Why haven’t you heard this before?

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