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Obama swings and misses big-time on top CIA pick

Leon Panetta, with no experience at all in the intelligence field, is now the head of the CIA. Obama finally bowed to  squealers on the left who complained about his picks for security advisor and SECDEF.  Ralph Peters, retired Lt. Colonel and intelligence analyst, weighs in.

Intelligence is the president’s best bet against bad wars and bad terrorists. We’ve seen in the past the what faulty or lacking intel can do in a post-modern world where ancient beliefs meet with modern technology.


Obama and Shinseki

So the “surge” didn’t work, according to Obama. But Shinseki was right in his statement that more troops were needed to control Iraq after the invasion? Hmmmm…..


McCain’s master-stroke

I have to admit, I never saw it coming. But after I saw CNN’s reaction to McCains choice of Sarah Palin as running mate–I knew he’d made the right decision. While Fox News broadcast live at McCain’s introduction of Palin as the possible Vice President, CNN followed suit, but chose to addorn the ticker running across the bottom of the screen with tired Iraq War casualty numbers. Ah yes, the power of suggestion…

Obama supporters will soon be whipped into a psychotic frenzy, and if it weren’t  for the fact that Palin’s experience, and thus her voting record, are relatively short–we may be on the way to another Clarence Thompson-esk witch-hunt. Again,  Democrat monopoloy on equal opportunity, a monopoloy of miasma, is shattered.

Almost all of Obama’s talking points have been singed. Some of the burning has been done by Obama himself. When you crown yourself as the champion of change, but then choose Joe Biden as your running mate, your credibility suffers. At least with thinking people.

Obama’s charisma is such, that he can still pull off a win with his change mantra. All he needs to do is say it. That’s what speaking ability does. You can lead people wherever you want, as long as you eloquently tell them what they want to hear.

But now is the time to shrug off the cloak of comforting lies.

I’ve heard of no plan that matches the power of his promises.

Is Obama inexperienced? Yes. But he’s experienced enough for me to know that I don’t want him as president. Obama’s vision, I’m sure, is for America to gorge itself even more at the socialist trough. The spectre of Communism still haunts this world, even now, moaning for Revolution.

And wealth redistribution may be the most comforting lie of all.

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