Calling all liberals…

If there are any liberals who read my blog, will you please answer a question I have. Why, why oh why, do you think America is such a bad place? Seriously. Why do you complain about everything this country does, from its over-seas policies to its domestic law? It’s a common thing that I find amongst all the leftist writers, especially those that populate the New York Times and Newsweek.

The strange thing is, it seems like not only do you hate most things about the greatest nation ever constructed, but you don’t even want said nation to do the things you want, because then you’d have to stop the complaining. You guys remind me of some old codger who’s all alone and constantly makes up problems so that someone will talk to him.

Any libs reading? Give me an answer. Do you want us to win in Iraq? Or would you rather we turned into France?


2 Responses to “Calling all liberals…”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    February 23, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    I think you will find that a typical Liberal is unhappy and they do not want to share in their misery alone. Most Liberals are not very logical or if they do use logic it is weak and will usually not stand up to scrutiny. Most of it is just looking at an event and giving a different spin. For instance when John McCain spoke of the riots in France he spoke of it being France’s fault for segregation and denial of citizenship. We all know that most of these rioters were Muslim communities that like to segregate themselves and most were citizens. McCain likened this situation in France to the illegal alien problem in the US. This was a scare tactic commonly used by Liberals to get what they want with the media. France does indeed have an immigration problem but not from the lack of giving citizenship. This logic was thin and short sighted by McCain. McCain is argueably not Liberal but this view point was very much so. This is the type of logic that Liberals take at face value and puke over and over again at their dinner parties and on their bumper-stickers. This type of liberal thought and opinion is dangerous. It fuels the “Hate America” crowd with plenty of ammo.
    There are smart logical Liberals but they are not truely liberal. They have alterior motives such as wanting to hang out with the cool crowd or trying to gain the fancy of another. This type of Liberal is not happy with themself either. They may not think they can get these people to like them with standing up for what they believe in. This usually has an opposite effect but that is a discussion for another time. These smart liberals end up getting caught up in the left thought process and lose their anchorpoint of what their identity once was. Obviously if around Liberals enough one’s logical side gets tainted and brainwashed and bumper stickers become one’s holy book.
    Liberalism is infectious and easy. It is emotional and visceral. A Liberal rebels against the government yet wants the government to take care of them. A Liberal defends the freedoms and rights of all, as long as they are breaking the law or not an unborn baby. Liberals believe in saving soldiers lives by not fighting a war but blame the US president for the fall of the Twin Towers. Liberals believe in punnishing success and encouraging failure. Liberals believe in a “hands off” approach to religion unless it is Christian. Liberals still think Nazis were extreme right. Liberals love their Apple computers yet love Socialism(a place where Apple would not exist). Liberals think taxes should be higher but never pay more taxes which they are free to do.
    The logic of the Left is obviously a paradox in itself. The only thing I can say is they hate the US and they hate themselves. Holywoods’ self hate and guilt is obvious. As soon as they become successful as a celeb they destroy themselves most of the time. We can only hope that when they have total and utter control that they will realize that they are the US and will safe hate so much that they run themselves over with their Hybrids after leaving Starbucks.
    Even talking about the Liberals makes me ramble and unable to hold a cohesive thought. I used to be one and I’m never going back.
    I can see it all now. The future will be powered by the Liberals’ renewable resource of the future. Cars powered by unborn babies.

    Think before you vote knuckleheads!


  2. 2 Douglas Moore
    February 24, 2008 at 4:04 am

    I like this response, especially: “Liberals love their Apple computers yet love Socialism(a place where Apple would not exist).”

    What the hell is it about a Mac that gets a Lib so hot and bothered?

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