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Dems on the wrong side of history yet again

Democrats visited Iraq at the beginning of the war–And Saddam funded the trip:


This is good…

What’s it take to be a Democrat? Find out here.


We’re losing it

What does it take to succeed in anything? What does it take to be number one? I would argue that the first qualification is an adequate interpretation of reality, followed by a cogent ability to manipulate that reality to one’s benefit.This is what made the West great. Beginning with the Renaissance and continuing into the Enlightenment, western civilization gained an extraordinary ability to perceive reality as it is. Failing cultures may look at the same data as say, an American, and come to a different conclusion on the data’s meaning, and more importantly, employ different actions after concluding.The prime thrust of this article is this: The West is losing, for various reasons, its ability to intelligently interpret data. It used to be that death-threats and accusations of Nazism were restricted to extremist groups. But look at many of the bloggers out there, and the ideas they’re spreading. I call it Homogenized Extremism. Some bloggers I’ve dealt with recently want the marine in the puppy video put to death, all for a dubious video in which a dubious marine throws a dubious puppy. Others have called for the execution of our president for war crimes. A quick look at our history books shows much more aggressive and unilateral uses of force by prior administrations.Take a look at a Zogby Poll regarding the 9-11 incident:

“Some people believe that the US government and its 9/11 Commission concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence that contradicts their official explanation of the September 11th attacks, saying there has been a cover-up. Others say that the 9/11 Commission was a bi-partisan group of honest and well-respected people and that there is no reason they would want to cover-up anything. Who are you more likely to agree with?”
  • Responses: 48% No Cover-up / 42% Cover-up / 10% Not sure

42% of American’s believe that the government is covering up the truth regarding 9-11. I really like what one writer wrote concerning suspicion: “The easiest thing in the world is to be suspicious.” So true, and it makes people feel oh-so-smart. In reality, they’re watching oh-too-much-TV…This is just as bad: 53% of African Americans polled believe that the US government has the cure for AIDS, but is holding it back from the poor.These are the types of beliefs that Third-World extremists had, for decades, monopolized, and it kept them right where they are: In the Third-World.What happened? Where did our superior interpretation of reality go? In some ways, it seems that our desire to feel sympathy for others around the world got us into this mix. We feel guilty if we don’t sympathize with the real extremists around the world. After all, look how bad they have it. Yes, we must understand the Muslim who burns cars in the street over an impious cartoon, but what we must not do is sympathize, for in sympathy, we form a symbiotic relationship with the wrongdoers. Sympathize with their living conditions, and their governments, yes, but not their violent, senseless actions. Sympathy insinuates acceptance. It can also cause the sympathizer himself to become part of the problem.Sundered by cynicism, enveloped and smothered by an overly dramatic media, layed low by a desire to sympathize ( which in many cases is no more than a desire for intellectual elitism) with the worst of international criminals, dictators and terrorist organizations, a portion of America loves a story of the country’s failings and short-falls. Fortunately, this group of people have gathered primarily within the Democrat Party, whose constituents now to a large degree consists of conspiracy theorists, race-mongers, millionaires in Hollywood who hypocritically denounce capitalism, and a whole slew of others who want nothing more than to feel sympathetic, for someone, somewhere, somehow, but they use the most dangerous rhetoric which only exposes who they really are: Unhappy people.


New Short Story

I enjoy writing short stories having to do with Greek mythology, and mythology in general. The stories can cause some problems with readers not too familiar with the characters or situations, but on the other hand, they can be quite rewarding when one does a little digging, and finds out what I was talking about….

Anyways, here’s one:

Notes From the Underworld  

I am ill. Under here and in this outer darkness, my inner being withers. But it cannot perish outright, which would be the better thing without question.

     The darkness here is tangible—viscous. It slows my movement. And somehow it slows my thoughts, preventing me from formulating a way of escape. Once, I thought that no prison could hold me, given my wile.

     Try to remember. Try!

     Yes, there. Now I do remember. How Zeus assailed us in the heavens, then, my brethren and I—the rightful rulers of the universe—cast into Tartarus. Perhaps that The Mighty One dared tread Tartarus, to free the Cyclopses from their chains of despair, proves His right to sit upon Olympus’ throne.  

     To the victors go the codices of history; this I understand. I know what you have read in the stories and poems and even if the upper-world knew the truth, few would challenge the power of Lord Zeus. Those who would, may first ponder me and my surroundings: the horror of an eternity swimming alone in a sea of blackness, the feeling of the damp, rocky floor, and the screams of the damned shattering all hope.

     Better for me that I would have suffered the fate of Cronus: sliced to bits and tossed into the ocean.  Or that the mercy given doomed Prometheus would have trickled to me. Even to labor as Atlas perhaps, straining beneath the weight of the lighted world. But no, Zeus feared the Titan of intellect, that I may scheme a scheme so intricate that even Athena’s wisdom could not pierce its mysteries. And that is surely what I would have done, what I will do should I escape this fate.

     What brings you to this place? How could one so insignificant draw the ire of Olympus? I sense no great power in you, no aspect of the upper-world that bends to your command. Are you a spy for Zeus? No, that’s not it. Perhaps you’ve pilfered a bit of knowledge once guarded jealously but the gods. You must help me. Lift up your head, grab back your will to see the light, help me to reclaim what is my divine right. To think, immortal Coeus needing the help of one such as you! But the Tartarus Pit holds god and mortal alike within its depths.

     This way, keeping your hand on the bronze wall that encircles this prison. For uncounted centuries, when able to gather my strength, I’ve dug in the rock and dirt, the sound of my clawing masked by the shrieks of mighty Typhon.

     Steel yourself—what is left of you. Prepare for the long walk beneath the musky ground. Even when we immerge on the opposite side of this wall, still three rings of the void’s stygian gloom will hide our way.

     At last–here we are. With your help we’ll make good our escape. Do not fade now.

     Do you hear? The feral hisses echoing? Follow that sound and know that as the din grows nearer, so does my freedom. We are on the highway leading through the gates. Don’t tire!

     I see the light, even feel its tingling touch. Do you see the guardian of the adamantine gate?

     Hold still, don’t struggle so—it’s no use. I‘m grateful for your assistance, but the worth of a thousand mortals doesn’t approach my value. I admit I considered taking you with me, to a place on the Aegean—a superb servant you’d have made.

     Again fool, stop writhing. To the monster’s belly you go! So many mouths on this omnipotent hydra, set down with the foundations of the world. I do hope you’ll continue your flopping and fluttering so as to afford me the time to slip by him.

     Now for me it is lovely ambrosia and the sweet nectar of the vine.


Why Obama’s speech isn’t enough

In Obama’s recent speech, he states that Wright was merely voicing an anger that remains hidden in many. But, it is not the anger about which most are concerned: It is the target and character of that anger. We deserved 9-11, GD America, etc.

If Wright had been on the pulpit expressing anger at what was happening in Darfur, explaining to the parishioners that Muslims there are throwing babies up in the air and cutting them in half before they hit the ground, gang-raping women in the middle of the street and filling graves with tens-of-thousands of murdered people–then Wright’s rage would have gained the blessings of almost every American that doesn’t camp out with the Moonbat Left. And, Obama would have gained the presidency.

Obama is obscuring the problems with Wright’s speech, not to mention, I believe, lying about whether he knew of Wright’s attitudes. Mentor is a big word, and it’s the word that Obama uses to describe Wright. To me, it goes beyond even the word, father. It denotes a person as having a deep spiritual and intellectual effect. Obama was just white enough to not use similar rhetoric in his own speeches, but he was just black enough to be pulled into Wright’s congregation, remain there for 20 years, and donate large sums of money. And of course, Obama knew nothing of Wright’s involvement with Farrakhan and Qaddafi. I’m sure that Wright has good qualities; I’m not aware of anyone in history that doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that we have to elect someone who very likely, if secretly, holds Wright’s views, as Obama may.

There is enough evidence, despite the media’s attempts to get Obama elected, just as they did with Bill Clinton, (by portraying him as hip and fresh, and on every dribbling magazine cover) to make any serious thinker a little worried about Obama. A smidgen here (dressing in foreign Muslim garb, but refusing to wear a flag pin or place his hand over his heart during the Anthem) and a smidgen there (Very liberal voting record, serious mistakes in early debates with Clinton, concerning foreign policy, connection with Wright etc.) are enough for us to know that he is not ready for the presidency.

It’s not up to any voter to trust a candidate. It’s up to the candidate to gain the trust of the voter, and of course the adoration of the media. Obama got one, but not the other.


Good line of comments/debate here



Why is it that almost every time I read the headlines for a new study, I know if it will be flawed, or the headline itself is deceptive. This study shows that immigration reduces crime-rate. Read: If you are conservative and are for border-control, you’re wrong.

This study doesn’t speak of illegal immigration, which to my mind, is the only hot issue concerning immigration. Illegal immigrants have, on average, been arrested numerous times as individuals, and this does not count their immigration violation. Many are criminals who can’t get good work in Mexico and so want to come here surreptitiously to America, and then work under illegal circumstances, avoid taxes, and be free from contributing to the republic as normal citizens do. I understand their reasons. It’s called survival. I understand our reasons for enforcing the law too: It’s called survival.

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