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In the real world off-campus, good marksmanship trumps good will. ~Ralph Peters, Washington Post


I’ve been searching for a heart of gold–and I’ve found two.

In my journey as an essay writer, I have found only two men who have influenced me in both style and substance: Ralph Peters and David Mamet.

Peters is an expert on matters military, while Mamet is a screenwriter, poet, author and director. What draws me to these mens’ work?

Their ability to make my jaw drop.

Not with callous vulgarities or obscene smart-assery, but with a truth so raw, I say to myself: “I can’t believe he wrote that.” Both scribes have an ability, nay–a drive–to write things that everyone senses is true, but few dare admit. And both do¬†it with a style that has you thinking about their writings for weeks.

Mamet was a liberal Jew for decades, now he’s just a Jew. Read here how his transformation¬†came about:,why-i-am-no-longer-a-brain-dead-liberal,374064,1.html/1

I encourage all here to check out Mamet’s and Peters’ other works; Peters most recent is Wars of Blood and Faith. It’s a collection of articles and essays that Peters previously published in the New York Post, USA Today and some military journals.

Mamet also contributes to Best Life magazine.

Neither man is an ideologue. Both are far too brave to see the world in any other way than as it actually is…

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