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No wonder some people think I’m nuts–the left side of my brain is too heavy

On the advice of a civilian contract worker here on base, I took a left brain/ right brain test today. She gives the test to everyone who works around her so that she can judge how these people learn and how to handle them. I didn’t take the exact test that she administers, but I took a couple of others online. Not really what I wanted to learn.  Not only am I left-brain dominant–I’m extremely left-brain dominant. The last test I took, there were 18 questions. I answered all 18 as a left-brain dominant person.

Of course people do change though their lifetime in how they use their brains. But right now, I’m an ultra-leftist! Help…

Here’s what lefties are like:

Are you very organized? Do you believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything? If so, you may be left-brain dominant.

Characteristics of Left Brain Students

  • You probably work with a To-Do list
  • You like to be the critic in class
  • You’re good at math or science
  • You are rational and logical
  • Your research is precise and well-documented
  • You set goals for yourself
  • You can interpret information well
  • Your room is orderly
  • You can answer questions spontaneously
  • You follow directions and you do read directions (unlike some people)
  • You aren’t touchy-feely
  • You can listen to a long lecture without losing patience
  • You don’t let feelings get in your way
  • You like action movies
  • You read sitting up
  • Your words are precise 

Your Classes


  • In history class, you are able to remember dates and processes.
  • In math class, you enjoy going through a long calculation.
  • You like the order of science.
  • In English class, you have a good understanding of grammar and sentence structure. 

Advice for Left Brain Students


  • Study in a quiet room
  • You can do math but get impatient trying to explain it to someone who struggles—so don’t volunteer to be a tutor unless you know you have the patience
  • You like to lead in a study group, so go ahead and volunteer
  • Join a debate team or academic competition
  • Try to excel at the science fair. You can be a winner
  • Take advantage of your skills in math and science
  • Choose non-fiction reading
  • You prefer factual questions and assignments, as opposed to open-ended questions
  • You can organize your notes well, so you should
  • Keep your room organized
  • Don’t argue with the teacher too much
  • Choose to do analytical essays
  • Work alone when you have a choice. You get frustrated with others who “clown around”
  • Avoid “free thinking” teachers if they confuse you
  • Take more risks. Don’t be afraid to be creative 

You might be a finalist on Jeopardy some day!

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