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California and Marx

California government has tried virtually everything to mold itself into a Marxist regime.

The Golden State is what Obama wants America to be.  

The article makes the point that Arnold tried, back in 2005 to get things done, including reducing union power and capping state spending. He got blasted. Now, he just wants to be friends with everyone. His state now lies is shambles, unable to even pay for the paper for tax receipts.

The legislature in Cali spent its way to doom. The government sector grew out of control. Expect more of this for our whole country. The stimulus bill is only the beginning.

In the late 1840s, Karl Marx sat in the dusty library basement working on his manifesto. Charged with the electric writings of another Young Hegelian, Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach , who like Marx wanted to provide mankind with a framework for existance in a godless universe, Marx saw economy as a zero-sum game. The rich could only be rich if the poor were poor.

Lenin, Stalin,  and Mau would not have come to power without Marx.

Indeed though, Marx was a man of his times. What Charles Dickens said to children, Marx said to revolutionaries, and those acolytes commenced to wage war on capitalism, which is the economic default of freedom. Now, California legistators have taken the mantle of populist revolutionaries.

We’re spending our way to oblivion.


Bombing of the Army recruiting station in NY

A few minutes ago, it was revealed that 8 members of Congress received letters of photos of the recruiting station depicting the building before the blast.

This is in part, the natural evolution of the rhetoric that can be found around the internet, on most of the blogs on WordPress and in publications like Newsweek and the New York Times. All these contribute to the aggregate mindset of the extreme left.

Those that (and I’ve seen it many times) call for the President’s death, call him Hitler, tell people that our government is fascist–YOU have contributed to people that put bombs in front of Army Recruiting stations. If any of what you have said were true, you wouldn’t be allowed to say it. Stop. Think about your intentions. Why do you believe that America is evil? To me, you believe this because, as Dostoevsky wrote: “You have not eaten the idea; the idea has eaten you…”

You Nihilists, Anarchists, Socialists, Extreme Environmentalists, Atheists–you are the only ones that I see using the evil rhetoric I’ve mentioned. We should all be careful with our language, because as we know, it is more powerful than a sword, and just because you have the right to say something, does not mean that it is the right thing to do.

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