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Update II on puppy video

Last night I requested that “Dave Motari” add me as a friend to his Myspace page. It was quite late, but nonetheless, I was added within 30 minutes or so. When I went to the page, and read the blog entries, it was so obvious to me that it was a fake. The public admissions of guilt, the lukewarm commentary on his being in trouble with his Sergeant Major.

There are several photo of various soldiers and such, some appearing to be engaged in the typical frat-boy activities of the age group that applies. There is one photo of three Iraqi (I assume) children, one cowering, two others holding toy guns to his head and smiling. There is a comment below by the page’s owner saying that they (the soldiers) asked the boys to pose for the photo. He say that the kids were funny….Come on, this is fake. This is propaganda. No one would put those photos up, and allow the comments that were being posted to be there; comments calling for Motari’s death and so forth. Also, the USMC is allegedly investigating the incident, and I can assure you, that if criminal charges are being contemplated, Motari has a military lawyer who would have advised him to remove such things from the Internet.

Also, one of the photos shows Jessica Simpson kissing a soldier on the cheek. The owner’s comments say that the photo is of him (David Motari), with Jessica Simpson. However if you look closely at the pics, the name-tag on the soldier’s uniform does not appear to be Motari.

I posted a comment, and it should be noted that almost all of the comments were hateful and most quite ridiculous. If this were Motari’s page he would not have allowed the comments in view of the trouble he could be in. The page itself was very sparse, indicating that it had just been created. The page’s creator says that his old account got hacked so he had to make a new one. Sure….

After my comment, telling everyone that the page was fake, I was removed from the page’s friends list.

Here are the ridiculous photos. If you cannot see the overt propaganda here, I feel sorry…



Update on puppy video

I’ve looked at the video a few more times here:, and I think this may be a piece of Islamic fundamentalist propaganda. I believe it is a fake, though well done. Some of the people who have commented on blogs have blogs of their own written in Sanskrit, and one is actually called tehran24. Supposedly that site is about “pictures of downtown Tehran.” Sure enough, the site has tons of them, as well as write-ups on the area. Suspicious to me…  

In the video, the soldiers mouths do not move accordingly with the words they are pronouncing, and the puppy looks odd, a bit stiff or something, with very short legs. The video at the top of the link shows an Islamic flag waving and then the text, “Barbaric Christian Soldier Kills a Puppy!”, appears. Also, there is a jade colored crown in the top left corner of the video.

This is psychological warfare. This is how powerful it is, when properly employed. The art of Psy-ops, is to accurately assess a culture’s feelings, and to twist them as much as possible to your side’s own advantage. Americans don’t understand that other armies do this sort of thing, but they do because it is very powerful and relatively easy, especially in a fee and open society such as our own. What is truly sad though, is how many weak-minded folk are out there, grabbing onto this thing. At least they’re back here taking their weak shots at America, and not overseas fighting dangerous people with guns and bombs.

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