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Europe’s Terror-War is coming. Tickets on sale now.

I’ve said this before. Next stop: Europa.

Islamic holy-warriors have now bombed the German embassy in Afghanistan, and released a video urging German troops to leave the area. Today, a top Al-Qaeda official released a video extorting jihadists to attack Britain and the US because of Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Wake up, Europe. The US can’t be everywhere at once, while you drink wine and beer and complain about Dubya. The thousand-year-war is back in your court. You’re closer to the Middle East, you’re more likely to give in to terrorist demands (remember Spain folding like an origami tiger after the train bombing?) and you have a well entrenched and very angry Muslim populace. Your 9-11 is coming. Your unwillingness to spare more fighting troops in northern Afghanistan is going to spell your doom.

The new American president will be tested. There is going to be an immediate increase in terror attacks world-wide. We’ll continue to blame George Bush because as the Bible states: “Love covereth a multitude of sins.”

We love our new president.


Pakistan, terrorism and the Pakistani Inter-Service-Intelligence

While in AIT, I presented a briefing on Mullah Muhammed Omar, the founder of the Taliban. The Taliban was basically a response to out of control former members of the Mujahideen that fought against the Soviet invasion. Several Mujahideen members became local warlords, and later tyrants, who terrorized the populace by stealing from them, raping and kidnapping women–and so forth.

During my research for the briefing, I discovered that the ISI- the Pakistani Intelligence Service- was believed by some to have helped form the Taliban. Recently, India has accused the ISI of training militants in the Indian controlled area of Kashmir.

Due to the ISIs special place in the hierarchical order of Pakistani government, it remains practically autonomous in its actions. Supposedly the ISI was purged of members that did not support the anti-terrorism efforts of Pervez Musharraf, however many suspect that pro-al-Qaeda and Taliban members still exist in the ISI, but that their actions are being suppressed. Indian intelligence has provided information to the United States that shows ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad ordered Saeed Sheikh to wire $100,00 to Muhammed Attah– one of the 9-11 conspirators. Saeed Sheikh has since been convicted of the kidnap and murder of Wall Street Journal writer, Daniel Pearl.

One of the men that I’ve trained with in the Army, a translator (09-L) and citizen of Afghanistan who has fought against the Taliban– he sportsgunshot scars to prove it– stated that the members of the ISI are extreme religious zealots.  Indeed, while reading further on the ISI, I discovered that part of their training is religious in nature.

In July of this year, a car-bomb detonated outside the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing 58 people, wounding 141. Even George Bush was forced to ask at this time, “Who controls ISI?”

In the chaos that is now Pakistan, it is difficult to identify the friends and the foes. In Musharraf we lost a friend, though many in the US are loath to admit it. We hate the idea of someone in uniform running a country and his suspension of Pakistan’s constitution assaulted our very core. But Musharraf was forced to take tough measures as his country boiled over with extremists. In the wake of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, he resigned. Though al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the assassination, the ISI’s involvement must be questioned. And now, with the coordinated attacks in Mumbai, India, Pakistan may be teetering on the brink of full-scale war with India. Those attacks too, are being blamed on terrorists located in the Kashmir region.

We must stand with India, whose population is comprised of the thrid highest Muslim count in the world, behind only Indonesia and Pakistan. As Ralph Peters pointed out in a recent article, India enrages Islamic exremists, not only for the past, but for India’s future– a future built with Western ideals–and without Sharia.


Update V–Yet another puppy-video update

A couple more things we have to ask ourselves about the puppy-video:

 1) Why is there a cute little puppy wandering around in the middle of the Iraqi desert? Things die in one (1) day in the desert. The temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees and get below freezing at night. The humidity is zero, for months on end. Puppies don’t wander around in the desert! They just don’t. I’ve lived in Arizona, much of which is desert, and most of which is more heavily populated that the areas those Marines appeared to be patrolling. Never once did I see a puppy wandering around, with miles of nothing but dry rock and sand surrounding it, like the one in the video. The dog in the video does not look wild, or starved, it actually looks a little overweight.

2) Muslims consider dogs unclean. They cannot abide them. Dogs don’t run around in Muslim villages, as they do in the villages of South Africa and such.

3) Many of the people that have argued with me as to the veracity of the video, have finally admitted that the MySpace page was a fake. Why couldn’t this be fake too? It shows that there are people who want our military discredited. Maybe it’s real, but maybe it isn’t, and I just don’t see enough people asking for patience and reason to prevail. Instead, they’re acting just like Al-Qaeda, demanding the death of David Motari. I’m waiting to see video of thousands yelling and running in the streets, firing AK-47s into the air and burning Motari in effigy. There’s a portion of this country that seems little different than the people who flew the planes into the Twin Towers; they use the same rhetoric, and I sense the same burning hatred. Only, at least Al-Qaeda fools itself into believing they’re killing people to avenge Islam for the killing of its people. The crazies here want death as vengeance for a puppy they don’t know is real, and, if it was, they don’t know died. In truth, just as with Al-Qaeda, they want the perceived slight to be real, they need an external target for their internal rage, dissatisfaction and jealousy.

I’ve been called every name in the book over this. All along though, I’ve made the simple and rational statement that the Marine should be punished if the video is real, and he should be punished if he had anything to do with making a fake video too. What if it’s not real? What will the people who jumped to conclusions and death-threats say? How will they make up for the ignorant threats they’ve made to Motari’s family? Just look at the damage that’s been done to our country, both by Al-Qaeda’s propagandists, and by the chronic malcontents within our own borders. I have not called for the death of anyone. I have called for investigation, rule of law–and truth…


You think you know evil?

Most people in America don’t know evil. They’re squeamish in the extreme, despite having seen untold numbers of murders and eviscerations on TV and in theaters. But the real thing, real death, real blood, real human bodies twisted in such manners that your brain cannot properly identify them; that kind of violence is alien to the American, and that speaks well of our nation.

It also weakens out defences against enemies whose violence we can barely comprehend. Extreme Islam is one such enemy. Al-Qaeda operatives are vicious, evil, and think nothing of committing atrocities that make every American cringe. Because of the widespread ignorance that I read on the pages of some blogs, and because there are many on WordPress who seem to think that Abu Graib is the worst place in the world to be, I ask those people, (without justifying the acts of the prison guards of Abu Graib), which would you rather have happen to you; have underwear placed on your head while being photographed and be placed, naked, into human pyramids, or this: WARNING–GRAPHIC PHOTOS BELOW:



These are the decapitated remains of two US Marines. You think you have it tough here? Do you think that Al-Qaeda plays Patty-Cake, or talks about there feelings while passing a bowl of M+Ms? Call evil: evil.

Notice the same, black, Islamic flag, flying in the still frames as in the Marine/Puppy throwing video? Again, suspicious…

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