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Rock Band: The reason I’m buying another x-box 360.

Sorry--I had a bit much to drink...

Sorry--I had a bit much to drink...

Last night I attended the Super Bowl party at the Victory Point Community Center, here on the base. In addition to free food and cheap beer, there were a couple of Wii consoles set up in a side room. One of the games available for play was Rock Band. They had the entire drum set, guitar and a microphone for those drunk enough to think they could sing.

I’ve never played the game before but as I watched people strumming the little plastic guitar, I felt the urge to climb on stage. Turn it up, dude! It’s Freedom Rock!

Before I knew it, I was ripping off blistering guitar solos while my Battle Buddies hammered away on drums and vocals. Believe me, hammer is the right word when it comes to most people’s singing.

But damn that game is fun. The best part is just the music. The game’s creators did an awesome job in mixing the music with new selections as well as great classic guitar rock–which really gets me going. There’s tons of down-loadable music too. As I sat there playing, I was so into it I wanted to take up drug addiction and annoying political views.

Just kidding. I’ll stick with the annoying political views.

It was interesting to see which songs are the toughest to play. I do think that the game gives a decent view as to which music riffs are the toughest. that’s not to say that being tough to play makes a song a good one. I had the game set on easy but let me tell you, Enter Sandman by Metallica is insanely difficult. The challenge of the game had me listening more closely to the notes and I came to the conclusion that Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s lead guitarist, is simply awesome.

I’d consider getting the Wii version, though there was some lag when the game really got moving on tough songs. It didn’t happen too often and may have had something to do with multiplayer, though.

Later this week, I think I’ll head on down to the PX and pick up another game system and Rock Band. If you need to reach me, come to my barracks room and catch me chillin’ in my aquamarine sunglasses, bandanna and bell-bottoms.

For those about to rock! We salute you! ~ AC/DC ( World’s greatest hunters of backstage lovin’)

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