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When Libertarianism becomes an ideology

When Libertarianism becomes an ideology.


New Short Story–Part 1

The Welder


I been thinkin bout this thing for a while now. I gots to tell someone bout it.

I been thinkin bout what makes people go. Well, what makes them do good in life. How come some people’s so sad and others strut around all giddy and happy.

 So what came to me was Jake Stephens. Ol Jake lived in a trailer down my driveway right next to the garage. Skinny? You aint seen a man skinny as Jake, but he’d work as a horse every day. Every damn day. Never had friends ova. Don’t know he had any cept maybe the guys he worked with.

“Beer?” Jake’d ask me anytime I went to check on him. He’d hold out a cold can. Kept nudgin it at me. “Beer?” Now I don’t drink much. Can admit there’s a day or two when a sip of Single Barrel does me some good, but not too often.

See, here’s what was strange about Jake. He was the only man I ever met seemed happy without connections.

“That’s life,” he’d say before taking another sip of beer. “You wake up, go to work, come back home, have a little somethin’, get up do it again.”

He had eyes brighter’n a light house. But like an icy color–blue. Arms like taut ropes, always movin, doin somthing. Always got a project.

“I’m a mechanic, John. That’s what I  do, jus like my father did.” He’d pull out a smoke  after he’d said something like that. “That’s alls I got to offer anyone. What a man does is what he is. ” His eyes would sparkle like you wouldn’t believe when he start talkin and drinkin a few. Still be in green Dickys, holes burned through all over like someone’d poured holes out a shaker. His hands had cracks on em, an his fingers were knotted up. Looked like driftwood.

Then he’d say this after he kept drinkin: “Yep, a man is what he does. That’s what Dad use a say.” A man jus layin there don’t mount to much. Some people likes ta think a man’s worth somethin even when he’s layin round. I say he’s worth less than nothin. He’s takin, not makin.”  He’d take a few more sips.  ” An a man either has a family or’s tryin ta get one.”By then Jake’d have a sheen coverin his eyeballs. A glow bout his face, too. He’d fall asleep for two minutes at a time. Think he’d be sleepin anyway, then his eyes’d pop open an he’d start jabberin away again s’if he’d been pretendin ta sleep. Maybe he’d jus been thinkin.

“You know I love ma boy, John. Evey day I get up an go and do my thing so I can be a man worth bein, jus hopin ma boy’ll see me an be proud for the first time. Proud a his papa.”

Now Jake never said a word bout his boy till he’d made a twelve pack disappear. But the beer washed away all Jake’s surface thoughts so that the thoughts he’d been thinkin without even knowin it came out.

I guess I’d known Jake then for at least fifteen years. Knew him from when we used to have breakfast at Jill’s Diner. Heard he was a drinker, but just sos you know, I never known him ta miss a day’s work on account of it. When he’d start talkin about the work he’d do on the cars and some weldin job he had comin up–I knew he was the real deal. I’m a welder myself.

When Jake got his divorce, only thing he had left was his camper–trailer. I had plenty of place to put him on my lot, so I let him settle down by my garage. He was down there, I’d say, bout three years. Didn’t change his schedule much. Sometimes he sucked up some overtime at work on Saturdays. Generally, we’d have breakfast most everyday at Jill’s, and most nights Jake’d pull down another twelve-pack.

Then, bout four months ago, somethin clicked in im. Jus somethin I could see was different. Despite everything, divorce from his wife an the beer an not havin his house, Jake was such a happy guy. Least he seemed it.

Right before Christmas I think it was, yeah I remember cause it was about twenty below with the wind that night–I went down to make sure Jake didn’t need anything.

“Common in, John”, Jake said. He stepped away from the door and fell back into his chair, which should have hit the dump about ten years prior. The way he fell back looked as if he’d given up on somthin. Normally, Jake’s a wiry lookin fellow. All stringy an jumpy. But that night he was kinda swishin around all loosy–goosy. His eyes told the rest of it, cause even when Jake was three sheets to the wind, his eyes normally sparkled.

He started in on me.

“John,” He looked like he’d start bawlin. “You know a man’s either got a family or’s tryin ta get one?” He chucked an empty can he’d been holdin, right over his shoulder. It bounced off the bathroom door an settled back by his foot.

“Yeah, you said that before an I guess you’re right.”

“An I’m glad for a lot of things, you know. Got a good job. That’s more’n my father had most a the time. Prolly worse a man not have a good job than no family. Wanna hand me anotha?” He flicked his hand at the beer case, which was torn open an layin by the front door. Bout six left in it. Guess maybe a draft was keepin the beer cool cause there was a pile of snow hedged along the bottom of that door an I could see flakes flyin up from the wind gettin in. I did what he wanted.

“Mind?” I said. I held another beer in my paw after he’d grabbed his.

“Plenty more where tha came from, John.”

So I popped it open and took a draw.

“This is it, I think.” Jake took me by surprise when he said that.

There was a long time before I said anythin. Just sat there waitin for him to finish.

“What’s it?”

“This is the last Christmas, I think.” He cleared his throat, settled down a little further in his chair. But then the old Jake showed up, a little grin on his face. “Sent Bobby, ma boy, Bobby, a letter. Told im how good I’d done. Told im how sorry I was for all the stupid shit I’d done long time ago.” His grin went down. “Sent the letter last week an told his mother ta tell im to look for it. Ain’t heard back yet.”

“He’ll  get it, Jake. Just take it easy. Why not come up to the house an have some pumpin pie? Vanessa made it today. She puts extra cinnemon in it. It’d win a ribbon somewhere.”

“Naw. That’s alright. Think I’m settled in for the night. Jus thinkin.”

“Don’t think too much,” I said. “it’ll get you in trouble, is all. All the thinkers out there, seems ta me ain’t done much but get us in trouble. Don’t get much done, an others seem a take their ideas places they weren’t meant ta go.”


One Night in Bangor

I was working for the Bangor Police Department (Maine) on the night this fire occurred at the Masonic Hall. It was an incredibly cold night in January a few years ago. I sat in my cruiser blocking traffic. The whole interior of the car smelled like smoke for weeks afterward.


The biggest lie

The lie has been told since before I knew it was a lie. It’s been told since I cared that it was a lie. The biggest lie was uttered, in various shades of grey, (but many times it was just black), for thousands of years. Now, people who pretend to be sympathetic to the suffering of others are uttering the lie–again.

The Jews are committing attrocities.

Really, has another lie survived as long as this one? been told as many times and in as many ways throughout history?

These liars, these sly-foxes–defend Hamas. Hamas–they strap bombs to the bodies of Palestinian teenagers, and intoxicate with dreams of virgins and grapes. Hamas, who uses it’s own people, sacred buildings, schools, as shields against reprisal attacks.

This Hamas is whom the liars defend.

The cruelest attrocities, the most wanton destruction and evils that can pour from men’s minds have been unsheathed against the Jewish people, as recorded in the tomes of culture new and ancient.

Nebuchadnezzar, Ramses, Pompey, Nero, Hitler, Stalin. These all uttered the biggest lie.

No populace is ever devoid of guilt at some level. Purity is the thing of fantasy.
But the Israeli people want peace. They have removed themselves from Gaza–from the land that belongs to Israel and Israel alone. They gave it to the Palestinians, who in turn converted it into a terrorist enclave. Palestinians have rejected the offer of a state of their own, on several occasions, and instead commenced to carry out the charter of Hamas: The destruction of all jews.  They elected Hamas to lead them, and Hamas leads them down a road that will dead-end in their destruction. The willingly walk that road.


Contact info

If people would like to contact me, feel free to email me at

I enjoy reading hate mail too, so haters, start typing.
Merry Christmas.


Where’s the (D)?

I had to laugh. Right before I got pissed off. I’m sitting in the food court this morning, drinking a cip of coffee right after the morning’s physical training. I’m watching the news on CNN where they’re talking about
Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich getting hauled in by the feds. But there’s no (D), behind his name.
Hmmmm. Remind you of anyone else? Eliot Spitzer, perhaps? Same crap. Same news channel. They did it before, got called on it and they do it again. There’s simply no shame in these people.

See, I don’t give a crap if they show the (R) behind some knucklehead who does something stupid (and illegal). What I care about is fairness. I know the world’s not fair, but if the media is to claim a special place in America–making sure We The People can make informed decisions–the need to be fair. But they can’t. No matter what, they just can’t.

We shouldn’t be surprised at the the Illinois Governor’s arrest. If he’s convicted, that makes four out of the last eight Governors from that state to serve prison time. See what culture means. It’s culture in that state, dating back to the days of Al Capone.


Hate mail

Well, I’ve ventured forth into the deathlands. That is: the other 90% of the blogo-shere, which is inhabited by moonbats galore, with chattering and glistening teeth, quivering wings through which scant light pierces the pink and smelly membrane.

Yes, I dared tread through the blackened forest of the Moonbatopolis that is WordPress and have returned with the blood of my  great Progressive foe upon my blade.

But now, Fellow Countrymen, the enemy have allied and called forth a great army, have scouted my territories and have attempted to scale my keep’s walls. It seems I’ve dragged the vermin back to my home.

Yes, the Global Warming fanatics, the Shiny, Happy People chanting kumbaya and eating tofu–they have sent forth assassins–Troll assassins–who would do me harm.

But fear not. I do love a good spar. My spirit rises within me at the thought of a good fight, and at the fulfilling of my dream; to hang the head of the legendary Dire Moonbaticus above my fire’s mantle.



One half of a book review and update on my own novel

So I just started reading this book the other day, The Last Centurian, by John Ringo. i’m only half-done, but I could wait to add some comments on it.

First off, the book is written much differently than any other book you’ve probably read. It’s written in the first person, blog-style. The protagonist is an army officer who’s been recruited to restart the world after the avian flu (H5N1) mutates and wipes out millions.

Second, anyone who knows of John Ringo knows he’s a staunch conservative who makes Rush Limbaugh look like Barney Frank. Picture Michael Savage with the added lexicon of a former soldier, which Ringo is (82nd Airborne). He’s also one smart cookie who’s written tons of best-selling military science fiction as well as appeared on Fox and written for the New York Post.

So as I read, I kinda wanted to put the book down, because there was no plot. It was just this character going on about how the world ended. But I kept learning new things. New things about horse-pucky Global Warming. New things about all kinds of stuff. So I kept reading. And I kept learning.

Do not, I repeat, do not read this book if you’re a moonbat. Your eyes will spew blood. Ringo’s character uses a lot of foul language too, so if you don’t like that–don’t read it. The character is obviously Ringo himself, and the President in the story is obviously Hillary Clinton, which I find amusing. Again, the book is kind of like reading michael Savage with more swearing and a sci-fi twist.

Also, I’m doing research now for another novel of my own. I’ll be compiling as I write, and hopefully the first draft will be complete in 6-8 months. What’s it gonna be about? Sorry–to talk about it is to kill it…


New Blog link

Note the new blog link I added to my blog roll: The Global Warming Heretic
this is to help fight the Global War on Global Warming.


So sorry, Libs

As Liberals continue in their quest for the Grand Unified Theorum of public policy, Obama constructs a team primarily built of Conservatives.
The poor Progressives are steamed as Hell.

Prepare for implosion…

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