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The fear factor wore off

Here’s how to tell when the Democrats are scared: They obsess about things. They begin the personal attack campaigns.

Recently, the Democrats and their allies in the Got-cha! media were feeling a chill in their spine. Who is the woman, Sarah Palin? How can McCain usurp our hegamony of “I am Woman–hear me roar!” They panicked and made themselves look foolish by targeting a 17 year old girl who’s engaged and pregnant. And they paid for it in the polls.

I wish I were a fly on the wall in some of the back rooms of CNN. I’m sure there were some phone calls made when Obama’s campaign took a popular nose-dive. The attacks backfired because they were aimed at a problem that many Americans–mothers, most importantly–deal with everyday. The media demonized Obama’s base with their fearful temper-tantrum.

Someone made the pundits, magazine writers and Democrat politicians take a deep breath. We can bet that the calls were made directly from Obama’s campaign administration. Obama himself stated publicly that the attacks needed to stop. It still took weeks though, and the damage was done. Had the media remained calm, the public would have seen Palin for what she is: A relative unknown. Instead the public sensed Democrat fear and believed that there must a be a reason for it.

Obama’s campaign is back on track, for better or worse. Americans are restless in these days. Wars, economic difficulties (The world markets are unstable, not just ours), and a media that needs disaster, have convinced many of their need for a messiah.

Whatever Obama’s strengths are, I remain convinced that he is utterly naive about our world, and I need only look at his voting record, a record that without fail displays a unwavering devotion to abortion-on-demand, to know that he’s not for me.


The Democrats shoot themselves in the foot once again

I’ve said it before. The Democrats had this thing in the bag. All they had to do was leave it alone, let the media pound George Bush, then they could take the queen to the prom.

But they just couldn’t leave it be–because Sarah Palin scared them. They were blind-sided by the Palin choice. Immediately, the trusty media went to work, and found “dirt”. Palin’s 17 years old daughter is pregnant. Wow.

The Democrats would applaud a stat-building abortion, but they can’t stand the thought of a family staying together under tough circumstances, a young man and woman trying to make things work while knuckle-headed journalists shove microphones in their faces.

They’ve hurt themselves. Their shipped shuddered in the water, run aground in seas they thought properly and completely mapped. They just didn’t see Palin. They lashed out like children–and this time the media hurt the Democrat cause. They look childish, and it’s irritating to the average mom. Palin seems too genuine and knowledgeable for this type of thing to work. She’s too sharp. I’m not engaging in wishful observations here. She’s a smart lady.

Predictive Analysis: Within one month, John McCain will move ahead of Barack Obama in the polls.


McCain’s master-stroke

I have to admit, I never saw it coming. But after I saw CNN’s reaction to McCains choice of Sarah Palin as running mate–I knew he’d made the right decision. While Fox News broadcast live at McCain’s introduction of Palin as the possible Vice President, CNN followed suit, but chose to addorn the ticker running across the bottom of the screen with tired Iraq War casualty numbers. Ah yes, the power of suggestion…

Obama supporters will soon be whipped into a psychotic frenzy, and if it weren’t  for the fact that Palin’s experience, and thus her voting record, are relatively short–we may be on the way to another Clarence Thompson-esk witch-hunt. Again,  Democrat monopoloy on equal opportunity, a monopoloy of miasma, is shattered.

Almost all of Obama’s talking points have been singed. Some of the burning has been done by Obama himself. When you crown yourself as the champion of change, but then choose Joe Biden as your running mate, your credibility suffers. At least with thinking people.

Obama’s charisma is such, that he can still pull off a win with his change mantra. All he needs to do is say it. That’s what speaking ability does. You can lead people wherever you want, as long as you eloquently tell them what they want to hear.

But now is the time to shrug off the cloak of comforting lies.

I’ve heard of no plan that matches the power of his promises.

Is Obama inexperienced? Yes. But he’s experienced enough for me to know that I don’t want him as president. Obama’s vision, I’m sure, is for America to gorge itself even more at the socialist trough. The spectre of Communism still haunts this world, even now, moaning for Revolution.

And wealth redistribution may be the most comforting lie of all.

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