Why I’m still supporting John McCain

About a year ago, I stated to some that I saw McCain as being a person that would appeal to the widest spectrum of people as a presidential candidate. This was not an endorsement of McCain, it was merely an observation and I believe that it has proven to be true. I must of course admit that the wide support for John McCain, as with almost everything in this flip-flopping nation, has to do with the media coverage he gets. As we can now see after the New York Times most recent innuendo posing as journalism, the media may be turning on him. They were content to let Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh do their work for them in the recent past, but now that Limbaugh and Hannity have relaxed a bit on McCain, the leftists in the media are cranking up their attack-machine with extreme prejudice.

Back in September, I wrote a blog supporting McCain for president. Here it is: http://neoconessay.blogspot.com/2007/09/mccain-at-least-he-has-spine.html

I stand by that, despite what my favorite conservative talk-show hosts say. McCain seems to have one thing going for him that few people do, not to speak of politicians: An ability to be honest with himself. I know that conservatives have some major issues with McCain. I have at least one: His seeming affection for globalism, mostly driven by the environmentalist agenda. That’s a big problem for me. The rest of the world will inevitably drag America down to their level. That’s the way these things always work. America must lead, not follow or try to fit in. Plus, global-warming is the biggest scam since Amway.

But let’s look at the positive things that McCain brings to the table:

1) He is extremely consistent in his speeches about the necessity of maintaining the fight against Al-Qaeda and fundamentalist Islam. This in itself separates him from almost every liberal I know.

2) Though he doesn’t control the legality of abortion, he has, for twenty-five years of record, been anti-abortion. Again, I don’t know any liberals that take this stance.

3) For better or worse, he does what he says. Many say that what he says and does proves to be wrong, but McCain’s honesty with himself, I believe, at least makes it possible that he could see errors he has made and correct them in the future.

4) McCain doesn’t suck-up to anyone. He just doesn’t. In fact, he has a temper, which his conservative critics have used in their arguments against him. I say good; we need a president with some fire. We haven’t had one in a long, long time. It’s one of Bush’s weaknesses–he’s too nice. He never turns up the heat on those that attack him because he believes that by being “classy” the bad people will make themselves look like the idiots they are. But in a world who’s knowledge is controlled by the media, it doesn’t work out that way. They can cover up their mistakes too easily and they can cover the mistakes of the people they favor–something they did with Bill Clinton for two terms.

5) I don’t think McCain worships power. This fact, in effect, makes him more powerful.

6) He plainly states that we must control our border.

The argument that conservatives should not vote for McCain because to do so would bring destruction to conservatism and also to this country, does not hold water. McCain, quite obviously, is not a socialist of the caliber of Clinton or Obama.
I fear the narcotic effect of socialism, how it can drag a nation’s people down, chipping away at their will for greatness bit by bit, and all the time, the people can’t see it. Government-run health-care will do just that. It will make things worse, but the people will be unable to perceive this, and unable to give away something they think they’re getting for free.

Please, do the right thing, conservatives. I know you know that McCain is not as bad as the Democratic candidates. McCain himself has plainly stated in recent speeches how awful Obama and Clinton could be, so we shouldn’t assume that he wants to play nice with the Dems.


2 Responses to “Why I’m still supporting John McCain”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    February 23, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    You can never get everything you want in a candidate but he is in fact the best show in town.
    The two other choices are an unexperienced super liberal with no idea how much damage they can do and a power hungry opportunist with plans to do lots of damage. It is funny that everyone knows who I am talking about without having to mention race or sex. Imagine that.


  2. March 6, 2008 at 2:03 am


    Ten thousand years in Iraq is not an option. No one seeking the highest office in our land should even joke about that.

    Would Lincoln have ever said, “It doesn’t matter if the war drags on ten years, one hundred years, or ten thousand years”?

    I am sick of power seekers who act like smarmy Saturday Night Live comedians. That is not leadership, nor character.

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