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America must stand where others won’t

Nelwly deployed soldiers conduct patrol near Kabul

Newly deployed US soldiers conduct patrol near Kabul

A new surge is beginning in Afghanistan. America must stand where the rest of the world will not. We must decide once and for all what we expect from our troops.  Many people in our country vented their hostility to the Iraq invasion by stating: “Afghanistan was right–but Iraq is wrong.” Then when things got rough in Afghanistan, they wanted to quit and became critical of Bush’s policy there.

We cannot have this type of “thought oscillation.” Make up our minds, already. Do we acknowledge that terrorists, driven by an unquenchable and barely conceivable zeal for Paradise have decided that life here on Earth is of little value? And in that decision-making process, have they not targeted America and all of Western civilization with violence? Have they not told us, over and over again, and proved many times, that they are willing to go to virtually any extant to bring about the events outlines in bin Laden’s Fatwa?

And is it not obvious, that by the bravery and solemn actions taken by our men and women in our armed forces, that the power of Al-Qaeda has been significantly reduced?

We know that Americans desire peace, and no nation ever, has shed more of its own blood for the rights of others, then this nation. No nation has given more of its treasure to help the poor and suffering around the world, to maintain peace-keeping missions, and to develop societies everywhere so that they can stand on their own without leaning on the comforting lies of tyrants.

Even those who would deny this know it’s true.

This administration must set achievable strategic parameters and give our troops every available means of meeting the expectations.

There is no substitute for victory.


Obama’s biggest challenge: Afghanistan

My new Commander In Chief, whom I must with all honor stand fully behind, now has in his hands the key to Peace In Our Times.

The Long War will end in the arid mountain regions of Kashmir. The war in Afghanistan was known from the beginning to be a tougher challenge than Iraq. Counterinsurgency operations require that we win the minds of the innocent civilians, while at the same time marginalizing and cutting off the insurgency.


Coalition of the Killing

It’s time for Germany to set down their bottle of beer, at least long enough to pull a damn trigger.

No more excuses. No more Bush to blame. It’s all gonna be the same folks; the same wars; the same enemies; Obama won’t change a thing. And nothing will change until the whole world admits there’s a war on.

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