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Article by General Wesley Clark

Retired General Wesley Clark is a staunch Democrat. Here he addresses what the Democrats must do to remedy the accepted view that Democrats and the military don’t play nice together.

It’s an excellent article, where Clark makes the point that complaining liberals don’t generally enlist–so things don’t change to their liking within the military. Probably a good thing. 

I don’t agree with Clark’s assessment of the Clinton years being some sort of Shangri-La for military service. To all of my knowledge, the armed forces were gutted to all time lows and morale was terrible.


Sometimes I think it’s the US and Britain against the world…


Cat Hater Kills Cat–US Military suspected!

Link below:

See? Many of you came to this site, wanting to prove what you already believe: The US military is evil. But this is a fake video, sorry to ruin the fun. It uses CGI.

Videos are terrible evidence. People are only slightly better. Forensic evidence is best, as long as the people interpreting it are professional and honest. Not many people on WordPress are professional and honest.

Don’t assume the video that depicts the marine killing a dog is real. Wait until people talk before you ruin people’s lives with words. If it is real, and I suspect it isn’t, then the military will do what they need to do. Believe it or not, the military’s standards of conduct are higher than they are for the average dude on the street. I know this bothers the card-carrying Progressives…

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