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Bill Walsh 1931-2007

I don’t like to make sports into more than they are–entertainment. I know for the men playing the games though, sports is passion, and that passion can carry over into many things in life.
Bill Walsh, coach of the San Francisco 49ers from 1979 to 1989, passed away on Monday. I’m biased, admittedly, but for myself Walsh is the greatest coach ever. He changed the game. West Coast Offense is now cliche’ humdrum, and vastly inferior to Walsh’s version. Today’s offenses, with a few exceptions, just don’t seem to have the rhythm that the Niners had. They don’t have the personnel either: Rice, Montana, Craig, Clarke, Rathman, Solomon. And of course the defense was the most underrated in football at the time.
The most difficult part is watching your childhood fade when people like Walsh die. One remembers the excitement of boyhood.
Walsh didn’t become a headcoach until he was 47 years old. That should give all of us hope for our own futures. And we can learn from Walsh’s meticulous nature–every detail, every nuance was important to him. He knew that when you’re facing the best, the little things count, just like they do in everyday life.
It’s always the little things.
Good-bye Mr. Walsh
Prediction: The Niner’s win their division this year.

NAACP to Mike Vick’s rescue

Predictably, R.L. White, a representative from the NAACP held a press conference today defending Michael Vick. I’m sure White wouldn’t say that he was defending anyone, but he basically made the point that we should let the court’s do their job before we condemn Vick.

The NAACP is walking on thin ice here. First of all, Vick has now enraged one of the most fanatical arms of the left–PETA. Then there’s the recent episodes concerning Don Imus, who was not charged with a crime, and the men’s Duke lacrosse team. The members of the lacrosse team are still wandering around looking for their heads, which were served on platters with gusto to campus liberals and race-mongers.

The president of the NAACP pulled out the well-worn legal cliche’: Vick is innocent until proven guilty. Fine. Just apply that standard to all races and creeds. Also, this only really applies in a courtroom, not to public opinion. After all, outside of Iran, Hitler is a despised historical figure who never faced a jury for his horrible crimes. O.J. and Lizzy Borden were found not guilty
in the courtroom, but we still all have our feelings on those cases.

Courts decide legal guilt and punitive results. Judgments of the metaphysical kind will remain in our collective minds, regardless of the legal systems assessments.


The American Republican Army

I’m going to say it outright. Democrats and liberals (and they’ve become one and the same) hate our military. Some have estimated that our military forces are comprised by approx. 95% (!) registered Republicans. Dems will complain about everything the military does, they’ll Monday-Morning-Quarterback on every miscue, but do you think they’ll actually go to a recruiting office? Hell no. Mom and Dad be sending them smart kids to college. The dumb ones go get their asses blown off in Mid-East Hell-Holes, right John Kerry?

Bill Clinton’s left no doubt that he was the biggest coward to ever crawl from under a rock and into the Oval Office. He despised men in uniform, as did his enviro-quack, Al Gore. Both avoided ever being photographed with military or police officials.

You know what your problem is, Lefties? You used the word fascist TOO MUCH. You don’t know what it means. You throw it around until it has no weight at all. Because you don’t know right from wrong, having allied yourself with postmodern philosophers. George Bush is a fascist? Really?

I’m glad though that the ultra-left are cowards. At least they’re forced to stay away from the fighting man’s work. Our country is better off with the libs staffing our news rooms and Hollywood instead of our tanks and war rooms.


Barak vs. Hillary

Barak Obama let slip the puppies of pacifism and inexperience in Monday’s YouTube debate. Hillary actually scored points with me. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Obama’s miscue came when he was asked whether he would meet with, in the first year of his possible presidency, the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea. His answer came in the classic liberal “can’t we all just get along” fashion. Of course he would have lunch with the likes of Hugo Chavez and Bashar al-Asad. Who wouldn’t? After all, we’re not really punishing them by refusing to speak with them. We’re only stemming the tide of progress, right?


Sensing victory, Hillary immediately snapped at the floundering Obama. It was good to see a Democrat display a bit of ruthlessness not aimed at their own country. A Democrat who understands that these above-named countries are composed of giant government run propaganda machines, capable of spinning molehills into mountains and “progress” into fascist and theocratic pseudo victories over weak westerners. Hillary’s response indicated that she understands you don’t fight the fight, no matter your good intentions, on your opponents terms. Barak seems to think that history is just one big misunderstanding, and if we can only communicate, everything will work out. No, Barak. Our enemies understand. They understand better than you do and that is why you shouldn’t be president.

America will see, soon enough, that the leader of this country must have more than an aesthetic face and a deep voice. He must be armed with more than charisma and the race card. He must have experience and wisdom.

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