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Steroids because of blacks’ domination of pro sports?

In this article, Jason Whitlock states that he believes that illegal steroid use was and is fueled by the myth that black athletes are superior.

I’m probably about to become the Jimmy The Greek of the blogosphere here, but here goes…

I disagree with him on two fronts:

1) Steroids were once legal. They were used by professional bodybuilders and power lifters. Even Arnold has admitted that he used them, and he began using them when they were legal right through the 80s. Steroids increase strength, and perhaps more importantly recovery. They allow athletes to go all-out with much lessened negative effects of their training or competition. Results: High level performance almost everyday as opposed to a normal wave cycle. So I don’t believe that steroid use in pro-sports here in America has increased because of blacks’ dominance. At least not at a conscious level. At an international level perhaps, especially during the 60s and 70s when the Soviets were using heavy dosages of anabolics on their athletes.  Heck, I played softball for 16 years with people who used steroids. I know they were using. They didn’t think to themselves: ” Black men have more fast twitch muscle fibers, I better start roidin'”

2) I believe that black athletes are superior to Caucasians, at least in the three prime American pro sports. Football, basketball, and baseball all require explosive speed and leaping ability.

Blacks with West African roots have the following characteristics according to Emmy Award-winning producer Jon Entine in his book Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re Afraid to Talk About It.

  • relatively less subcutaneous fat on arms and legs and proportionately more lean body and muscle mass, broader shoulders, larger quadriceps, and bigger, more developed musculature in general;
  • denser, shallower chests;
  • higher center of gravity, generally shorter sitting height, narrower hips, and lighter calves;
  • longer arm span and “distal elongation of segments” – the hand is relatively longer than the forearm, which in turn is relatively longer than the upper arm; the foot is relatively longer than the tibia (leg), which is relatively longer than the thigh;
  • faster patella tendon reflex;
  • greater body density, which is likely due to higher bone mineral density and heavier bone mass at all stages in life, including infancy (despite evidence of lower calcium intake and a higher prevalence of lactose intolerance, which prevents consumption of dairy products);
  • modestly, but significantly, higher levels of plasma testosterone (3-19 percent), which is anabolic, theoretically contributing to greater muscle mass, lower fat, and the ability to perform at a higher level of intensity with quicker recovery;
  • a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscles and more anaerobic enzymes, which can translate into more explosive energy.


Point being–race matters when it comes to sports. Whites dominate weightlifting. Kenyans have ruled the distance running world. Why? Partly–and perhaps mostly–because their physiology helps them. Biopsies of Kenyan runners leg muscles have shown that while they have a similar composition of fast twitch to slow twitch muscle fibers as Scandanavian people, they have a higher density of capillaries which facilitate recovery and lower the training time needed to achieve peak condition.

I am not nullifying cultural differences here. Many blacks do not have access, say, to hockey rinks where they live, and so spend much of their time on basketball courts. But this does not give us a full explanation.

If we are to move beyond racism, we’ll first have to admit differences. We’ll have to eat cold, hard truths even when they don’t fit our ideology’s fantasies.

And no–White men can’t jump for crap. Most of them at least.

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