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California and Marx

California government has tried virtually everything to mold itself into a Marxist regime.

The Golden State is what Obama wants America to be.  

The article makes the point that Arnold tried, back in 2005 to get things done, including reducing union power and capping state spending. He got blasted. Now, he just wants to be friends with everyone. His state now lies is shambles, unable to even pay for the paper for tax receipts.

The legislature in Cali spent its way to doom. The government sector grew out of control. Expect more of this for our whole country. The stimulus bill is only the beginning.

In the late 1840s, Karl Marx sat in the dusty library basement working on his manifesto. Charged with the electric writings of another Young Hegelian, Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach , who like Marx wanted to provide mankind with a framework for existance in a godless universe, Marx saw economy as a zero-sum game. The rich could only be rich if the poor were poor.

Lenin, Stalin,  and Mau would not have come to power without Marx.

Indeed though, Marx was a man of his times. What Charles Dickens said to children, Marx said to revolutionaries, and those acolytes commenced to wage war on capitalism, which is the economic default of freedom. Now, California legistators have taken the mantle of populist revolutionaries.

We’re spending our way to oblivion.


America’s doing better than the rest of the world

Other economies are doing much worse than ours, so stop the hating, Libs.


China’s a fraud

The vogue statement by the intelligencia these days, is that America is not the world#s leader anymore.

Even conservatives have fallen for this clap-trap,  yet another lie from the Left, whose internal unhappiness bleeds into their political views.

I ask these people when I talk to them, ”Who, if not America, is the world’s leader?”

The easy answer for them, since they’ve read in Newsweek or seen on CNN so much about the country, is China.


I’m here to tell you, that China’s a fraud. It doesn’t create( the best indicator of the strength of a nation) it steals. They employ armies of cyberhackers who constantly attempt to breach our military’s databases, and lots of spies, who especially in the lax Clinton years, did manage to get lots of classified material from us, not the least of which was ballistic missile information. They copy and pilfer, but are incacable of running with America in creativity, freedom and rule of law.

China lags in almost every measurable area and not just behind the US, but Europe and Japan. And, they are still a corrupt society, something that holds back any nation in this era. The CIA World Fact Book lists countries by their 2008 GDP.  Even Japan is beating China. We have them beat by nearly a factor or four. And yet I keep hearing this garbage.


JFK again…

JFK: “Our tax system still siphons out of the private economy too large a share of personal and business purchasing power and reduces the incentive for risk, investment and effort- thereby aborting our recoveries and stifling our national growth rate” (1963).

No more limp-wrists for world leaders. I’m tired of it. Elect someone with some nuts and brains. Please.


Stimulate This

I just found this quote from JFK, on Riggsword, regarding tax cuts and their effects on the economy. Seems ‘ol JFK learned a lot about stimulation and it wasn’t just from Marilyn Monroe.

“Lower rates of taxation will stimulate economic activity and so raise the levels of personal and corporate income as to yield within a few years an increased – not a reduced – flow of revenues to the federal government.”

– John F. Kennedy, Jan. 17, 1963, annual budget message to the Congress, fiscal year 1964 (WorldNetDaily)

What’s so difficult to understand?


Atlas Cringed

I disagree with Ayn Rand on a lot of things. On the other hand, I agree with her on most.

In her novel, Atlas Shrugged, capitalism is brought to its knees when unproductive members of society use law to cripple the strong, and maintain the weak. Reseult: More people want to be weak than strong. Business and creativity collapse.

Obama’s 825 Billion dollar package…

That amount of money could translate to :

$22,000 given to every person in America whom is below the poverty line.

$2700 tax cut for every working person.

$275,000 to every business in the US.

It could and will also mean, that on average, American households will take on about $6500 in additional tax burden.

Things are about to get a lot worse than they needed to be, folks. I’m sorry.  This is precisely how to destimulate the economy.


Retort to Arianna Huffington’s anti-capitalism piece

I read the Huffington piece a few days ago. She keeps using the term Laissez-faire. Something that this nation has never really been. If the defenders of Marxism can state, without batting an eye, that true Marxism has not yet deployed, then we can also say the same for Laissez-faire capitalism. Good. This is not the cold, financial machine envisioned in Ayn Rand’s, Atlas Shrugged.

In this article, the author makes the obvious and excellent point that Huffington avoids. If we are to blame capitalism for the recession, to what do we point to as responsible for America’s success? Huffington would probably insinuate that America’s predatory economic practices and exploitation of second-rate economies has made us great, but now the chickens have come home to roost.

Lower regulation is good, but not really Laissez-faire.


Excellent article concerning current financial crisis.

This article examines the current crisis and speaks of the policies of a hero of mine: Margaret Thatcher. Do some research on Britain’s economy right before her election. It was in a terrible state.

People point to the corruption that has in some instances exacerbated the current situation. To the finger-pointers, corruption is proof that less regulation doesn’t work. Foolishness. The very word corruption implies that officials were breaking some regulation, somewhere. Corruption ruins any system. Some systems promote corruption more than others. Check out the old Soviet regime for corruption of the highest order.

Bottom line: Socialism is a slippery slope. It cannot match production levels of low-regulated industrial states. Command economies cannot fill in the gaps needed to feed and employ high numbers of people.

Eleven years ago we rescued Britain from the parlous state to which socialism had brought it. Once again Britain stands tall in the councils of Europe and of the world. Over the last decade, we have given power back to the people on an unprecedented scale. We have given back control to people over their own lives and over their livelihoods, over the decisions that matter most to them and their families. We have done it by curbing the monopoly power of trade unions to control, even victimize the individual worker.”~ Margaret Thatcher, 1990.


Jeff Jacoby article on the mortgage crisis

Jacoby explains that the roots of the mortgage crisis go back to the Carter administration, when liberal activists complained of racist lending practices, forcing the governement to pass regulation laws that required the companies to lend to people who simply couldn’t pay. Jacoby’s good, and one of my favorites.



The sky is falling yet again. CNN told me so. Not only does global warming threaten wipe out Manhattan in a CO2 powered deluge, but the world hates America, millions are dying around the world because of American Imperialism, an Imperialism powered by us Capitalist Pigs. But, CNN and NPR told me that there’s a recession looming. Thank goodness. Maybe people being out of work will finally cause Capitalism’s implosion, as Hillary seems to want.

But wait. There’s a problem. What the heck does the word recession mean when it comes to economics? Ummm, folks. We’re not even close. Yes the economy has stopped growing at the rate it had been for several years. (Around 7 percent) It’s grown about 1.7 percent in the last month. But as the word itself alludes, a recession is marked by a contracture of market growth for 6 consecutive months. I’ll be sure to set my doomsday clock when the FIRST month of recession takes place.

Alas. It seems I was duped again by politicians who’s only hope of election is to make me believe that I can’t live without them, can’t make do without THEIR system. Mostly their system is comprised of taking my money and my stuff. Hey Hillary–how about a smaller system? Would that be OK? Would Karl Marx approve?

For the next few months, until the general election, maybe I’ll sit around, eating Soylent Green (It’s people after all, and they’re not THAT important), driving my Hybrid, and toting luggage made of Hemp. Great stuff that Hemp. But I don’t light Hemp on fire–it messes with Serotonin, which is kinda important. And if on election day, I still feel like everything is just bad, bad, bad, I’ll vote for the Party of Defeat. You all know which one that is.

More likely though, I’ll vote for whoever will create jobs by cutting taxes, maintain the best military in the world, and continue to allow America to be the world leader in virtually everything good.

Till then.

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