McCain–At least he has a spine

I admit that in the past I had some serious questions about John McCain. But he’s significantly improved his status with me in the last couple of months. He speaks soberly but with conviction, he fully understands the implications of the war in Iraq and the dangers posed by fundamentalist Islam. Most importantly, I truly believe that he loves America. He has not changed his rhetoric to meet the swaying tides of polls; he must know that his stance on Iraq is doing him no favors but he’s been honest with himself and the citizenry and for that I must commend him. McCain has shown himself to be an honorable man while serving his country. I do not give an automatic pass to those who have served. Wesley Clark is vastly at odds with my views for instance, but I will give everyone their do for serving in the armed forces as military service no longer carries the honor that it used to among the populace.

McCain has a spine. He says what needs to be said and his words seem fresh to me when juxtaposed with those of Hillary Clinton’s canned speeches. His comments about MoveOn.org are exactly what needs to be said and I see that he has no fear of not being elected as president. That’s something I see amongst most of the candidates–fear of irritating someone, if only for stating the truth. But we need to hear the truth. Also, I believe that McCain can quell some of the polarity that has (though I believe unjustly) gripped our nation. The GBDS (George Bush Derangement Syndrome) that many are experiencing can be controlled with medication–and McCain may be just the apothecary to administer the dose.

Right now, John McCain has my support for the Republican nomination.


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