NAACP to Mike Vick’s rescue

Predictably, R.L. White, a representative from the NAACP held a press conference today defending Michael Vick. I’m sure White wouldn’t say that he was defending anyone, but he basically made the point that we should let the court’s do their job before we condemn Vick.

The NAACP is walking on thin ice here. First of all, Vick has now enraged one of the most fanatical arms of the left–PETA. Then there’s the recent episodes concerning Don Imus, who was not charged with a crime, and the men’s Duke lacrosse team. The members of the lacrosse team are still wandering around looking for their heads, which were served on platters with gusto to campus liberals and race-mongers.

The president of the NAACP pulled out the well-worn legal cliche’: Vick is innocent until proven guilty. Fine. Just apply that standard to all races and creeds. Also, this only really applies in a courtroom, not to public opinion. After all, outside of Iran, Hitler is a despised historical figure who never faced a jury for his horrible crimes. O.J. and Lizzy Borden were found not guilty
in the courtroom, but we still all have our feelings on those cases.

Courts decide legal guilt and punitive results. Judgments of the metaphysical kind will remain in our collective minds, regardless of the legal systems assessments.


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