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How Peace Protestors have made peace an impossibility

They drove returning Vietnam vets from the lighted areas, forcing them to hold court for decades, only with those who shared their experience. The ”Make Love Not War” movement warped the reality of the world, twisting it into blissful visions of half-naked, twirling children of Aquarius who believed they’d caught a glimpse of a reality truer than this one, while chasing White Rabbits and living on Lisurgic Acid.

A generation of our young men returned from Saigon to find a country that had abandoned them and labeled them baby-killers. It was great fun for the Aquarians, the feeling of utter self-righteousness. They’d taken up their cause, not for America, not to protect our soldiers, but for themselves. They didn’t like this world, because they’d refused to accept that life is pain. So they quelled the pain that is so obvious, with drugs and feelings of ideological superiority, trashing cities, rioting, lighting fires, committing acts of terrorism against federal institutions–all in the name of peace.

These folks are still around to some measure, though much less animated. Blogs allow them to vent. But in many ways they’re the same, in that the refuse to see the world as it is, and how it will always be. By their hyperbolic rhetoric and impossible demands, they paralyze even the candidates they put in office. Or their demands are so preposterous, that no party would make their ideologies part of the party-line. Not for long anyways.

By transposing their fantastic views of how the world should be, over the reality of how it really is, the Peace Monger increases suffering. He breaks bread with mass-murderers, if only to prove his world-views are real.  The hateful rhetoric and mantric labels (fascist, baby-killer, War Monger) bears no relation to history. Paul Wolfowitz, for example, in the beginnings of the Iraq War was met by howling crowds calling him a Nazi or Fascist. None of these Neo-Aquarians knew probably, that almost all of Wolfowitz’ family died in the holocaust.

The Aquarians are about to take a huge blow. Obama’s election has no doubt quelled some of the animus. But when realities set in, and US troops are shipped overseas to do the killing that sometimes needs to be done, the Golden Boy will tarnish like metals of the ancient warrior: Iron and bronze.


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