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One half of a book review and update on my own novel

So I just started reading this book the other day, The Last Centurian, by John Ringo. i’m only half-done, but I could wait to add some comments on it.

First off, the book is written much differently than any other book you’ve probably read. It’s written in the first person, blog-style. The protagonist is an army officer who’s been recruited to restart the world after the avian flu (H5N1) mutates and wipes out millions.

Second, anyone who knows of John Ringo knows he’s a staunch conservative who makes Rush Limbaugh look like Barney Frank. Picture Michael Savage with the added lexicon of a former soldier, which Ringo is (82nd Airborne). He’s also one smart cookie who’s written tons of best-selling military science fiction as well as appeared on Fox and written for the New York Post.

So as I read, I kinda wanted to put the book down, because there was no plot. It was just this character going on about how the world ended. But I kept learning new things. New things about horse-pucky Global Warming. New things about all kinds of stuff. So I kept reading. And I kept learning.

Do not, I repeat, do not read this book if you’re a moonbat. Your eyes will spew blood. Ringo’s character uses a lot of foul language too, so if you don’t like that–don’t read it. The character is obviously Ringo himself, and the President in the story is obviously Hillary Clinton, which I find amusing. Again, the book is kind of like reading michael Savage with more swearing and a sci-fi twist.

Also, I’m doing research now for another novel of my own. I’ll be compiling as I write, and hopefully the first draft will be complete in 6-8 months. What’s it gonna be about? Sorry–to talk about it is to kill it…


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