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500 Hindu Squats in 15 minutes…

Well, 510, actually.

The author of Combat Conditioning, Matt Furey, says that when you can do 500 Hindu Squats, you’re on your way to greatness. I decided to try to reach that goal, about a week and a half ago. Last night, I pulled off 510 in 15 minutes. I did the extra ten just in case I’d conveniently miscounted.

Anyone else attempting this should be warned: Start with a low number, and slowly build up over a period of weeks. the muscle soreness you’re going to experience will be horrendous, otherwise, and you’ll become discouraged. Because I have practiced these before and because I started out with much lower numbers (I’d do 100 on some days, then on others about 300) I’m experiencing very little muscle soreness today.

This is an exercise that is centuries old, used by Indian wrestlers to build strength, endurance and toughness.


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