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German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge–FAIL

A few months back I posted an article about the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge, how I was going to crush it and all…. right here

Well, things didn’t work out. Actually, I never got a shot at the prestigious medal as I snapped my right hip-flexor muscle like a dried out rubber band, about a week before the first event began. I’d just taken a physical fitness test the day prior, was feeling pretty warn out, and I was dehydrated. A bad combo. At Ft. Huachuca, you have to drink tons of water. The arid air and high altitude suck moisture out of you like no tomorrow.

Our platoon was out on the track doing relay sprints. I knew I did some severe damage, because I actually felt the hip-flexor shift under the skin. Ouch.

I was on a no-run profile for three weeks afterwards and even then the thing was not fully healed. I was pretty irritated because we would only get one shot at the badge while at Ft. Huachuca. Some places don’t even offer the chance at the badge. Fortunately I’m going to Germany where I’ll have a chance at that badge and a another German badge, the German Armed forces Badge for Marksmanship.

Here are the requirements to earn the GAFPB:


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