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China’s a fraud

The vogue statement by the intelligencia these days, is that America is not the world#s leader anymore.

Even conservatives have fallen for this clap-trap,  yet another lie from the Left, whose internal unhappiness bleeds into their political views.

I ask these people when I talk to them, ”Who, if not America, is the world’s leader?”

The easy answer for them, since they’ve read in Newsweek or seen on CNN so much about the country, is China.


I’m here to tell you, that China’s a fraud. It doesn’t create( the best indicator of the strength of a nation) it steals. They employ armies of cyberhackers who constantly attempt to breach our military’s databases, and lots of spies, who especially in the lax Clinton years, did manage to get lots of classified material from us, not the least of which was ballistic missile information. They copy and pilfer, but are incacable of running with America in creativity, freedom and rule of law.

China lags in almost every measurable area and not just behind the US, but Europe and Japan. And, they are still a corrupt society, something that holds back any nation in this era. The CIA World Fact Book lists countries by their 2008 GDP.  Even Japan is beating China. We have them beat by nearly a factor or four. And yet I keep hearing this garbage.


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