A line of comments from my previous post

Yeah–I’m pissed….

Mike Rozos
February 15, 2009 at 2:57 pm
Wilders’ English is impeccable. I had never seen him speak until I found that FOX interview, I had only read about him. But try finding “Fitna” anywhere in the internet.

He takes heat for calling them ‘retarded’ as a culture.

Is it offensive that he doesn’t like seeing teenage girls smashed in the head with rocks before a mob?

Is there even anywhere in the world where that’s legal?

Oh wait, there is…

2 magus71
February 15, 2009 at 3:38 pm
They are retarded. I’m tired of having to blunt my speech. It is what it is and continues to exist as it is because we’ve stopped calling it evil. It’s evil, it’s not the religion of peace, Muhammed clearly states in the Koran what good Muslims should do: subjugate Christians and Jews and take their things of value. Allah has given this right to Muslims. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Any Muslim who does not do these things is not doing what Muhammed told them to do.

The world’s gone crazy, backwards. For everything I disagree with Frederick Nietzsche on, I’m facinated by him because he maintains that many standards of morality are making people weaker by glorifying “anti-life” attitudes. It’s good to be poor. Noble–if you will. It’s noble to be among the most violent and poor nations of the earth, but horrible if you’re at the top like the US. It’s wrong to get be rich–you must be depriving someone else. It’s bad to kill those who want to kill you. Nietzsche would say that our soul is sick and dying… He’s right! Look, we, out of some sense of “fair play” are allowing a whole nihillistic culture to control us. Terrorists without a grade school education have forced Britain–once the Vanguards of the whole world–to modify its government, to take away a man’s right to say something for 17 minutes on a film. He doesn’t ask people to commit violent acts–Wilders tells people about ISLAM’s violent acts, and the British and Dutch government have concluded that warning people about violence is itself an admonition of violence.

We’re dying. We don’t have the will to resist anymore. And if I’m right in this, than perhaps we don’t deserve to go on living. Frankly, I don’t want to fight and die in a war for a whole civilization who doesn’t care about what I’m fighting for. I mean, we all but surrendered because we lost 4000 men in Iraq! We kill 50,000 a year on our highways and people still drive twice the damn speed limit, but lose 15 soldiers who are fighting evil, and the media goes fu***** gaga. They’ve gotten what they wanted–a demoralized US Army. “We support the troops, but not the war”! Riiiiight….Keep telling all those guys over there (who are fighting people that want YOU dead) that their government lied to them. Then tell me why someone over there might put a bullet through his own head.

If America and Europe don’t want me in Afghanistan, F*** them…I’m not going. I’ll sit here in my cozy little unthreatened base in Germany, get 4-day weekends every month, live free in the barracks, drink beer and live life. I’m not going to live and die for an ideal that my own country is too blind to see. See, I don’t have to go right now. I’d like to go–IF people want evil men dead–like I do. Otherwise, the mall-shoppers, the Left-wing hypocrits, the “intellectuals” can all kiss my ass when a nuke goes off in the middle of Chicago. Don’t cry to me. I’m deaf to it, now. They think they know everything. They think they have it all figured out, that people who repeatedly warn us that they’re going to attack us–and always have since I’ve been alive–are really just playing.

This is what happens when I write while I’m pissed off. Anger: The undervalued emotion.


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