Why Germany and the rest of Europe may hate Obama more than Bush

Germany has to face reality now: It’s been living under American protectionism and it can’t pretend to make its violent history go away with hypocritical pacifism. This article in Speigel Online outlines the recent Security Conference in Munich, and VP Biden’s statements that it’s time Germany step to the plate. No more blaming Bush for everything while chowing down copious amount of pickled herring and swilling Bitburger. Time to rock n’ roll with the Taliban and the rest of the world’s extremists.

Even other European countries have come to the realization that the disunity over America’s recent wars strengthened our enemies. It gave them hope that if they only stayed the course, their Islamo-fascist regimes could continue under the blind eye of Germany and France.

Enter: Sarkozy, French President. He holds the key to Europe. If he can pull the rest of the continent from its self riteous slumber, perhaps Iran will consider ceasing its nuclear weapons program.


4 Responses to “Why Germany and the rest of Europe may hate Obama more than Bush”

  1. 2 kernunos
    February 11, 2009 at 3:55 am

    Me don’t thinks Iran will give up so easily. They have already seen weakness in Obama and they will go for blood. They are like a rabid wolf that can sense fear.

  2. February 11, 2009 at 7:42 am

    I don’t forsee anything but economic sanctions against Iran. We’ve seen that sanctions are of limited use against totalitarian regimes; the leaders there don’t really care much that their people suffer under economic hardship. That’s why I’m against sanctions and for killing bad guys. Sanctions punish the wrong people and give people reasons to dislike America.

  3. February 12, 2009 at 5:06 am

    We might very well end up with “buyer’s remorse” yet over Obama.

    But down the path to European styled nannyism we go merrily to hell together, as Mark Steyn pointed out. There will be wrangling, gnashing of teeth, worry, retractions of various programs, but for the most part Americans will see further restrictions of things as various as guns, homeschooling, speech (particularly radio, as the MSM is immune to criticism), and sumptious health care handouts.

    Now beyond all this, I’d say we need to keep a corner eye out for the softening up of American moral and determination to face down what will certainly be a far more dangerous–and unfortunately more weaponized–Iran and other rougue states.

    *sigh** and having said all THAT, I think Big Government is a rougue state in and of itself, softening the will and determination of what should be free born citizens.

    As you sort of implied, enter exhibit A on this one for proof: Modern Europe.

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