As Hamas fractures, Israel pushes for a decisive victory.

It appears that Israel has well-learned the lessons of 2006, when it waged war against Hezbollah in the streets of Lebanon.

Israeli leadership has steeled itself against the deluge of negative headlines and terrible (and oft-times faked) photos of what war really is. Hamas pushed too far, this time, hardening the will–the weapon-primus–of the Jewish state, and almost guaranteeing that Gaza’s people will be forced to choose a new government. This one is about to be smashed into a million pieces.

Hamas is scrambling for a cease-fire, but their bluff has been called. They’ve cheated one too many times, and now they teeter on extinction.

And what shall we see when Hamas meets its end? Will the protests against Israeli ”attrocities” get louder, shriller?

No. Because decisive victory is what silences the bored bloggers and politically distant sign-toters. There’ll be a deafening silence, just as there was when America quelled the Iraqi insurgency. We’ll hear the wind blowing, the leaves ruffling and the crickets creaking.

That is why there is no substitute for victory. Let future leaders  learn from Iraq and Gaza. The best way to defeat enemies domestic and abroad is to calmly go about doing your business, knowing that there will always be dissent. And that the dissenters are in many cases those who would ask of others what they themselves would never consider doing themselves. If there were people across the street on which they lived, shooting at their house, the dissenters would call the police, who are endowed with the legal authority to use force to bring order and enforce the law. But when aggression takes place in far-off lands, the dissenter feels empowered to beg restraint–and then brings out the tired old accusations of fascism and attrocity if a state’s military is used to end aggression.


1 Response to “As Hamas fractures, Israel pushes for a decisive victory.”

  1. 1 kernunos
    January 16, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    Good point. Wading through the dissenters to victory is much better than what becomes of the alternative. People owe it to their troops to win. Once the political goal is established and the nation committed only full support of the troops with their sacrifice is of import. People who say they do not support the war but support the troops are kidding themselves.

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