Excellent article concerning current financial crisis.

This article examines the current crisis and speaks of the policies of a hero of mine: Margaret Thatcher. Do some research on Britain’s economy right before her election. It was in a terrible state.

People point to the corruption that has in some instances exacerbated the current situation. To the finger-pointers, corruption is proof that less regulation doesn’t work. Foolishness. The very word corruption implies that officials were breaking some regulation, somewhere. Corruption ruins any system. Some systems promote corruption more than others. Check out the old Soviet regime for corruption of the highest order.

Bottom line: Socialism is a slippery slope. It cannot match production levels of low-regulated industrial states. Command economies cannot fill in the gaps needed to feed and employ high numbers of people.

Eleven years ago we rescued Britain from the parlous state to which socialism had brought it. Once again Britain stands tall in the councils of Europe and of the world. Over the last decade, we have given power back to the people on an unprecedented scale. We have given back control to people over their own lives and over their livelihoods, over the decisions that matter most to them and their families. We have done it by curbing the monopoly power of trade unions to control, even victimize the individual worker.”~ Margaret Thatcher, 1990.


7 Responses to “Excellent article concerning current financial crisis.”

  1. December 21, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Here is an idea. Let us just never again vote for any incumbent office holder? Result? Automatic term limits, throw the bums out who got us in all these messes we are bailing out for trillions!

    I enjoy and respect your blog. Would you consider exchanging blogroll links?

    I don’t care about whether links and comments agree or disagree with my views as long as they are witty or intelligent, and your blog is both!!

    The only important thing is that we all have intelligent discussions about how to lift up America for our best possible future.

    Our future is what we make it, and idiot Congress and moron elected officials have proven by example that if we do nothing, we have no future.

    It helps to have some entertainment, satire and laughs along the journey.

    My blog address is http://franklynchusa.wordpress.com

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    With passion for our future,

    Frank Lynch the Futurist

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  2. 2 beeha
    December 22, 2008 at 4:47 am

    You there? Well, if-not, then-when-ever-u-r. Just wondering. You’re tracking/pingbacks, WHATever, to my “Quotes of The Times,” or to my, for-now – “sticky page,” same thing. I haven’t gotten into the link-back thing here…though I do other stuff other ways (my computer background is another long story)….

    anyway, all-of-which is to say, that i’ve seen the ping notices and see, on your site – where my replies r going to, but i haven’t looked at the “pings” on my end, very carefully, to figure out exactly where…

    all-of-which is to ask, is the intention to get at “our-your” post on my “front” page ?

    Last question: did u notice the “publication” of my response on the Wall Street Journal? … to the “excellent article on financial crisis”? — I’ve just included links to it in on my “Quotes for The Times” post.

    Anyway, thanks for the lead-to-the-inspiration. After reading the article I was gonna come back here and write you and then i noticed comments, clicked and I was off!

    I was pleased to see it was selected; didn’t even check for hours to see if WSJ “selected,” mine, as they put it.

    What is best is the W-r-i-t-i-n-g of it. It fELT sOOO good. It needed to come out of me, I suppose. Anyway thanks and if U get-a-minute, take a look. You’ll get directly there by clicking on my link for it at 2COB. I didn’t post on WSJ under 2COB…oh, the so many lives i lead. NOT!

    Got 2 get sleep!!! I’m running on about 3-hours a night for tooo long [been-doing-lots-of-writing] ;; like u, right?

    Haven’t read ur latest posts yet, but you know I will.

    beeha, http://2COB.wordpress.com

    p.s. – almost forgot … i’m hoping my WSJ post will bring some understanding – that – link – that has been missing when we discuss these things…let me know if it does.

  3. 3 beeha
    December 22, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    4 franklynchusa-

    Great Name. Great Thoughts-I-agree.

    Magus71, babe – Great Site…You Do Keep Us Talking and Reading and Reading and Talking.

    Word. Spread it. And the Word is LOVE.

    –beeha, http://2COB.wordpress.com

  4. 4 beeha
    December 22, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    Meant tosay bay-bee on that last one. Each wOrd makes a difference. In-Deed.

    -beeha, http://2COB.wordpress.com
    aLL misPelings puRrpuSSful

  5. 5 Mike Rozos
    December 23, 2008 at 3:38 am

    But I thought the point of labor unions and social programs were to create prosperity by taking corporate America’s money and giving it to people who verbally claim they are not capable of succeeding. Does this not create wealth? I don’t understand.

    My entire upbringing in Mane was a waste of time…

    Why can’t we just take the money of the evil, wealthy people, and give it to the poor, unfortunate, poor people. They are poor, which means they are innocent…and poor. Which means innocent.

    So, was Thatcher trying to imply that to create economic development you have to stop handing out money to people who just sit around and focus the money on people who work hard, and corporations who take the lead?

  6. 6 kernunos
    December 23, 2008 at 4:28 am

    Maine is a perfect example of what Democrats can achieve when they control the legislature and governorship for 30-40 years.

  7. December 23, 2008 at 9:15 am

    Making corporations out to be entirely evil makes for good cyberpunk novels but it’s intellectually dishonest in politics. Some corps commit evil acts. A corporation is a bunch of people working together, not much more. Just like a homeless shelter is a bunch of people not working together. Neither is evil or good. The people within those organizations may be evil or good, of course.

    It bugs the crap out of me when I hear of elites talking about evil Big Oil. Like you really need to be that evil to make tons of money off a product that everyone in the civilized world needs and uses.

    And of course there’s always the cry of economic imperialism on the part of America. Really? Guess what? If the people don’t want your product the evil corp GOES OUT OF BUSINESS… Like here in Germany, where Wal-Mart opened a few stores. The didn’t last long because people preferred to shop elsewhere. That’s economics. It’s all about incentives and if you can’t give people something better, they go elsewhere.

    End rant.

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