Cynics–go away…

I really believe what I hate most about liberalism is its inherent cynicism. I can’t even call it pessimism. There’s something about the liberal mind that finds pleasure in tearing down things held to be great and looking for small crumbs of goodness in the hearts of terrorists, tyrants and nihilistic cultures.

They’ll talk about the evils committed by people such as Mother Teresa (Chrostopher Hitchens wrote a whole book about that), then they’ll comment about the beautiful art of the Aztecs and what a dreadful thing the Hernando Cortes did in destroying the Aztec Empire, while forgetting that the Aztecs amounted to one gigantic death-cult, feared and hated by surrounding tribes.

The Liberal’s cynicism is a cancer to our country because they refuse to acknowledge where we are in reference to where we have been and where other countries have been for hundreds of years. That’s why the Left is always trying to bring in other forms of government. Even if we were to become a Communist nation, eventually they’d want that to be different too. To a Liberal, the women’s a minority rights movements never occurred. America is still to be held liable for the slavery of over two-hundred years ago but can never be given credit for being the only country ever whose empowered, numerically superior class, fought and died for a weaker and enslaved one. White men died to free black men.

We’re not declining. I don’t think we can even see our horizons. Robert Kaplan may be more of a skeptic than I, in this article, but he at least knows America’s place in the world.


15 Responses to “Cynics–go away…”

  1. 1 beeha
    December 18, 2008 at 3:43 am

    yes, yes, yes, in-Deed. Great article by Kaplan. Did uRead carefully???? Of course probably more carefully than I.

    Another story of my father, the WWII–Pacific Arena …. and, btw, he NEVER talked about ANY of it…. we had to drag it out of hIm.

    … quick aside – I was also fortunate enuf to talk to my Great Uncle Amos (WWI vet) near the end of his life, in depth — only by me probing and ASKING him before I drove down to MD to get the lowDown if I could ask away on this subject.

    Back to Daddy (yep, always called him that). He happened to be a brilliant man and an eminient and worldwide known physicist (there’s another story there about the Nobel prize but I’ll save it 4 another time).

    Anyway, long after the war and when he was Chairman of the Physics and Astronmy dept. at a REALLY good school (I prefer some privacy…just the way I am…at first, anyway) — he took in “Toshi” – nickname. Toshi was brilliant, my father thought, but he had such trouble with the English language, b/c he was (is) Japanese.

    Toshi stayed at our house, literally lived there, and my father worked with him and worked with him … the language the language so he could get through the physics and eXcel as my dad believed he could.

    Okay…I’ll cut-to-the chase & make a long story short: 4 months before my dad died (sudden … lung cancer, then bone, brain u-name it) Toshi, long back in Japan BUT forever in touch with the family he left here in America…Toshi was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics that year.

    At least Daddy got to know he was nominated that year…he didn’t make it long enuf to hear who was awarded the Nobel in physics that year (another long story – but July 4th was his time to go).

    Toshi was awarded the Nobel prize in physics that year.

    …And my dad? If u asked him “what he was’??? ….

    Would have answered a democrat and a liberal….. maybe … i mean he wasn’t that simple and yet he was for an awfully complicated man.

    I have another story, 2 – when he put his job on the line with a wife & 3 kids to support – to ensure that fairness and not somekindof of mcCarthisim was allowed to exist — put his job on the line for a top notch physicist who they were trying to black list b/c he had been a consciencious objector to the vietnam war. Yeha — he had gone to Canada, this guy — the whole nine of that era.

    my father had lived thru mccartheism — was asked to work on projects — think oppenheimer and los alamos — JUST TO NAME ONE — that b/c he REFUSED to Rat on people — which u needed to do to a certain extent to end up in the desert…”and do u know any communists” ” and r u a communist” …

    Oh, it’s pretty thick and words like conservative and liberal are no more that sticks and stones MAY break my bones BUT [‘i’ll never let their ] words hurt me [or anyone else i know]… liberlism conservatisim … these words … they do not EVEN scratch the surface.

    but my son is home now, yes from college, and i’m going back to the living room to spend some more time with him.

    –pretty exciting – he just made the wrestling Div I press tOday — ranked 27th in the nation at 197 lbs and getting ready to travel on his BD – Dec. 28 — 12 hours on a bus to greensboro, nc and wrestle on the 29th & 30th in “Southern Scuffle.”

    so many through the centuries to thank 4 all these opportunities and experiences

    peace, to borrow a beaha word…

    better yet – shalom

    –beeha, http://wordpress.com

  2. 2 Mike Rozos
    December 18, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    But do you not realize how many animals America has killed just so YOU could eat meat?

    Does that not prove how evil we are?

    Everyone knows animals are CUTE!!!

  3. 3 kernunos
    December 19, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Very interesting way of writing. You write as if you are a conscious stream of thought meandering about your mind. Not very cohesive but interesting none the less.
    What I found very interesting from your thoughts was how you thought your father would have labelled himself politically he might have said a Democrat and a Liberal. I find this interesting because my Grandmother says she is a Democrat herself and still votes the party line to this day. You see my grandmother partially raised me over the years and I have come to know her as a “rock” so to speak in my life and a great inspiration. She was formed from a cloth out of the past, very stoic and always cheerful. The funny thing is everything she has taught me is in all mondern ways very Conservative. Her teachings and outlook on life are to the right of 80% of modern Republicans. I tried once explaining this to her and she would have none of it. You would have thought I gave birth to a 3 headed Guinea Pig from the look on her face.
    It is very interesting how times change and paradigms shift.

  4. 4 kernunos
    December 19, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    I know of one more animal that has died so that I could have meat.
    Are you ready for “Beef-a-palooza” Doug because we bought half a Cow? Her name was Bessy.

  5. 5 kernunos
    December 19, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    I think the biggest cynicism of the Left is the desire to give killers and murderers more rights and fair treatment before the courts and give unborn babies less.

  6. 6 Mike Rozos
    December 19, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    Not to mention that defendants’ rights are over and above victims’ rights.

    Mind you, I believe defendants should have a ton of rights, but why more than the person they stabbed?

    It’s an imbalance in the system Magus is all too familiar with.

  7. December 20, 2008 at 10:10 am

    Kernunos: Half a cow? What happened to the other half? Is it a cyborg cow?

    beeha: Obviously I did not know your father, but I really don’t think that most people who fought in WWII and were part of that generation would hold values like those of the modern liberal. For instance, I grew up, for the most part with my grandparents. They instilled in me quite a few old-world values; some of them good and some of them bad. As I’ve matured, I been able to decide for myself the value of some of those ways of thinking. My grandparents would take me every summer to Campobello Island in New Brunswick Canada. Campobello Island was where Franklin D. Roosevelt’s retreat was. To a small child of 4 or 5 years old, the place was awesome. I remember seeing Roosevelt’s wicker chair, in which he was carried around; he suffered from paralysis do to what is now thought to be Guillain-Barré syndrome. At the times of my visists, it was thought he had contracted polio. My grandparents loved Roosevelt. To most people who lived through the Great Depression, FDR was a virtual demi-god.

    Now, FDR was without a doubt considered politically liberal during his time. But if you were to ask my grandfather if he thought that gays should be able to get married, he would have thought you were out of your mind. FDR commenced to the greatest socialist movement ever seen in this country: The New Deal. And while I think socialism is a slippery slope, he did what he had to do. I think he probably, for the most part, got it right. No one–ever–is perfect. But for capitalism and democracy to grow, you must have the right soil in which to plant them. Drastic changes were needed at that time. The Dust Bowl and collapse of the banks had combined to give us 20% unemployment. People were living in what ammounted to out-houses.

    But, if there’s one thing FDR was not–it was a cynic. A cynic can barely get anything done. We all, at some time have to fight htis way of thinking. BUt in the end, the people who get the best results are those that see potential, and can call evil evil. (As far as government goes) Idealism can be very dangerous too (check out Naziism and Communism) but cynicism is paralysis and self-hate.

    The modern liberal is not what a liberal used to be. Our Founding Fathers were “liberals” of their time. They were children of the Enlightenment. They were liberals who mentined God in many of their speeches, and that’s something that the cynical and angry Left simply cannot abide.

  8. December 20, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    oh my where do i begin with all of u?

    1st – kernnos – oh, i’m a horrible speller & if it’s not easy enuf to remember, well – #1 – thank u for the writing compliments
    2 – as i always say – trying to communicate and get the word out which is love – (see my hip-pie post 2-day that’ll make u squirm – especially, Magus71, but maybe not.

    3) and oh, btw — it’s called stream-of-consciousness ; the writing that is — it was status quo in the 18th century

    4) back to #2 – points well taken – in ur 1st post to me…otherones border on nast-y – not creative enuf – if they were I wouldn’t have to “stoop” to comment

    For Magus71, and all who are tuned in to this marvelous thread – brought on by magus71 – 3 cheers – for the red, white and blue – and magus71 , 2…

    … not trying to lose u kernnous- keep up; come on now…

    magus, dear, methinks u do not quite read me; perhaps a failure to communicate;

    we r not that that far away from each other

    what can i say to pull us togther — it the words and the deeds that r confusing

    the life’s experience — ours — so different

    … really, maybe read the kaplan piece again — you … i don’t think u totally got him … he’s pretty on point

    anyway – i haven’t read your post today re Germany – must do…

    magus71 – i pay tribute 2 u in a few ways on my site — including our talleying in this post… you’ll have to dig 4 it ;

    i’m in a rush now and don’t have time to include the links…

    when u have time…you’ll get to it

    take care, my friend…and U 2, kernnonos (oh, my…my spelling)

    -beeha, http://2COB.wordpress.com … 1 of the 2crazyoldbitches … that explanation is 4 U kernnnos; magus71 already knows.

  9. December 21, 2008 at 10:29 am


    This may or may not be a long response to your last comment. Depends on where my thinking goes, ’cause I don’t pre-write plots…

    1) Yes, I carefully read the Kaplan piece and believe I know what he’s saying. He’s saying that just because the British Empire changed in the mid to late 1800s, this was not comensurate with decline. The same, as Kaplan sees it, can be said for America. We may change the way we respond to perceived international crisis, but where the rubber hits the road, no one else in the world is close to us in economic and military power.

    2) I believe we have confused the perceived dislike of America by certain European states with our decline. We’re not declining; we’re rising relative to everyone else. Yes, I know we’re in a recession, but so is the rest of the world–and they don’t have billions of Euro to keep people working. Germany’s economy is in more dire straights than the US’s for instance–but where’s the drama concerning that? Where’s the talk of decline?

    3) America is the world’s colossus. 90 percent of the international news, even here in Europe, is about America. Not about other European states. So, while some Europeans, fueled by a hatred of George Bush, whom many think here in Germany acted unilaterally as far as Iraq goes (a complete and utter myth–just because rogue security council members like Russia didn’t approve, doesn’t mean that most of Europe didn’t approve) say that America is in decline, they’re actions speak differently. They want to run with the big dogs, but can’t keep up. Germans talk about the US all the time and want to go there, many to become emigres. But they still have visions of old Eorpean powers running the world show, and it hurts their feelings that they’ve fallen behind.

    4) To continue on with the line of thinking about America being disliked. I admit I’ve softened a bit on my stance here. I used to sport a somewhat isolationistic viewpoint. To me, America needed to do what it needed to do–Europe be damned. Always though, I make the simplistic comparison of international relations to school-yard drama. So, I must admit that being liked is important–both to the world’s only super-power and to Little Johnny who wishes to keep his lunch money from falling into the hands of bullies. The more liked Johhny is, the more chance that he’ll have plenty of friends to help him out, or if things go really badly–at least the teachers will have a soft spot for Johnny when the issue comes before them. I do know though, as a former police officer, that sometimes what you have to do will make no one happy, and will make many hate you. But you do it anyways and later on, good wins out most of the time.

    In ending, here’s my summary, which I think is close to Kaplan’s: America is not declining relative to the rest of the world. The world will continue to rely on America for support in every facet of international security and economics. Islamic fundamentalists don’t give up as easily as we do; they don’t have MTV to sooth their boredom, so they take up they’re time cultivating their hate and building improvised explosive devices. Europe is their next target–mark it down. It’s closer geographically to states that support terror and it has a higher, less-well integrated Muslim community than America. For all the kumbaya singing that European officials like to do while parading on TV, Europe is VERY racist, and Muslims feel that racism everyday. Many are willing to take action aginst that perceived injustice.

  10. December 21, 2008 at 10:45 am

    ok; i have a little more time now (b/c i don’t sleep much)…

    i wanted to point out a few things: 1) unemployment rate was 30% at that time — check ur facts
    2)i guess i don’t know what LEFT ur talking about — the words are really getting in the way
    3) regarding paradigm shifts, Magus71 – U r onto something – and I feel you -, but, alas, u don’t quite have IT yet. — the shifts are deeper than your explanation that’s why i don’t think U get them

    4) liberalism – liberals, etc. was once – and for a long time – a dirty word — something to shirk from — Clinton had to get as center as possible to get elected – think: the many years that the republicans have been in office in “recent” years … most of your 37 … i go back farther

    5) even now to get elected u can’t appear toooo liberal, again; methinks u might miss this — also,
    6) – related to #5 – i think u r going thru some kind of upsetedness (i love to make up words) over the recent election and Obama making it and McCain not — i hear true mourning and FEAR in your voice

    7) back to the paragidm shift – it is history that moves and constantly changes – we are history – we, the people – you’ve heard the expressions “the only thing constant is change,” and that there is “nothing new under the sun.”

    No, it’s not new; we revolve and evolve, as people, as does the planet earth; history DOES repeat itself over and over again – sometimes the names and labels change and the “sides” – the “dominant” sides are changed…but that is part of the revolution…of the people…of the planet. You should read IN THE AMERICAN GRAIN, by William Carlos Williams to get a handle on this And Many other things. Really.

    I’ve read much about communisim, fascism. Nazisim…Took a course at university called, Genocide, Theory and Practice … of course it was about more than just the Nazis — starting with the Armenian genocide… that’s for another day.

    i was hoping U would get (kernnos did not) – something from the examples i chose – my father – a navigator, no less, in the pacific – who, years after the war takes in a Japanese student. Do U get some of that? (u know about the internment of American Japanse Citizens during that time, do you not? Taken from their home and treated pretty roughly – interned in camps; much as many others in other counties are living today…that a way long story.

    And the other EXAMPLE – of my father putting his job on the line with a family to feed to stand up for and carry out justice for the Vietnam war conscientious objector. He stood up for him. A WWII veteran. A man who had an uncle – my great uncle (the family was very close – Jews who emigrated from Lithuwania) — who was a WWI vet. YET my father stood up for this guy and put his job on the line for him — and won, by the way. The blacklisting stopped.

    Do u get anything out of this????? It is the true American way. And it’s simple, coming straight out of the bible – do unto others. It’s a lot of what makes America great.

    This stuff you talk about the gay marriage debate…is just stuff to diStract us from the important things we should be seeking to understand and do something about. That is an entire side-issue – put there by the leaders and the press, who r their errand boys – to distract distract distract! There is so much more going on of substance and of consequence to us all. Those are baby-babble stories. Not worth the breath, the word and certainly not worth putting and mindpower energy into. My, what a waste of it.

    Okay, so I should get a little shut-eye now. Couldn’t possibly cover it all…u know about McCarthism and los alamos, i hope – where the physicists built the bombs — heard of the Manhattan project … another one of the projects — and Oppenheimer ? Nobel prize winning physicist leading up the los alamos team deep in the desert. Just pointing out some of this stuff- which is not how i usually write, b/c i’m a writer…but in the interest of having you and kernnus and your reading public understand my references….just a little break-down and explanation of them.

    My best to you throughout the holiday season and beyond. I’ll keep visiting. You know, you just might learn something from visiting 2COB’s site, too …. even though i’m sure u don’t think so. I think that’s too bad. But, no matter. To each his own — another old saying and I think one that might benefit from cozying up to.

    Later Magus71. It’s always a pleasure. -beeha, http://2COB.wordpress.com

    We live in an Oligarchy now…hate to break it to you. Now, we do…but that could/might change. Elections are rather superficial and have been for some time. The power has not been showing in the people as of late but in those who possess it.

    Read more. Think more. You write well — just think things through a bit more – more reading about such things help.

    Sounds like you’ll get some break time in Germany during the holidays. Good. And the training from the Israeli army sounds kewl. My best to you over Christmas and in bringing in a Happy and Healthy New Year.

    (BTW, i’ve been using alphainventions in various ways so that from site i can expose other sites and i have been exposing yours and i think that might be some of the traffic u mentioned above, in your Germany piece. See, I’m giving presents! smile, smile

    My Hip-pie post goes like this:

    Once a hippie, always hippie
    Kinda like a marine

    Now-what-do-you-think-of-that? I imagine you’ll hate it. No matter.

    Best to you always

    -beeha, http://2COB.wordpress.com

  11. December 21, 2008 at 11:18 am

    1) Facts checked: Historical Statistics US (1976) series D-86. between the years of 1933 and 1945, unemployemnt peaked at 24.9 percent according to some sources, but that depends on whether you count the people employed by the Works Progress Administation, a government agency created to give people employment during the bad years. Something on the order of two million people were employed by WPA.

    2) Left= Liberal

    Point being the unemployement rates were triple over triple what they are now.

    Side note: The governemnt’s intervention in the current financial crisis will likely have long term negative results. Introducing artificial stabilizers into the market slows market adaption–the larger the stabilizer the slower the recovery.

    The invisible hand has been severed…..

    5) I agree that you can’t appear too liberal if you want to get elected. America is a center-right country.

    Where do you hear mourning and fear from me concerning Obama’s election? True, Obama was not my choice, for various reasons, none of which were close to the reasons that his supporters voted for him; I don’t care what race he is, what magazine covers he’s on, how nice he talks or looks in a suit. I care about his policies and no one, not even his biggest supporters can really say that they know what his policies will be, because he has no experience at policy-making. But, I’ve given him credit for his recent cabinet slections and it’s Obama’s supporters that are mourning that.

    Concerning the internment of Japanese Americans, remember that was done under a liberal democrat president and the Vietnam War was a continuation of the Truman Doctrine–to confront Communism wherever it reared an aggressive head. Truman: Democrat. A Democrat who did the right thing.

    I do know about Oppenheimer and the Manhatten Project. I also know about McCarthy. Few people know that McCarthy was right in many of his assertions; the communists really were trying to dig at America’s grass roots, but to get at those roots they went right to the elites: America’s best Univeristies and to the acting industry. I work in the inteeligence field. America has a lot to learn from the KGB concerning psycological operations.

    I do visit your site, by the way. I learn from all kinds of sources. I don’t have to agree with someone 100 percent of the time to learn from them.

    And in defense of my friend kernunos, he’s one of the smartest people I know. He gets it.

  12. December 21, 2008 at 11:45 am

    Yes. I think you got the Kaplan piece. So what’s the rant? It’s pretty much though in an entirely different way saying what i said in my last comment. Things change…The only thing constant is change.

    I didn’t get from YOUR piece that you were upset over the neighbor boys not liking us.

    Of course they – the Europeans – and-every-one-else – talk about us — around the world and they cover news in America — we’re a superpower, The superpower … and for a long long time. The Big guys get talked about…

    …. no different than the actor or celebrity that would rather not hear and see the news junkies and tv cameras in his face …

    if your gonna talk the talk then you gotta walk the walk … good ole New York City, Brooklyn phrase…

    And maybe now we’ve hit on it. It’s all an Oh Please. And yes our feelings should be hurt, but not really. Bush is an ass, to put it mildly and he has done nothing but drive this country down down down — and i mean in the standings, as well. All those europeans you watch and get aggravated with b/c of they way talk about America and yet they want to come here.

    Everyone wants to come here: we have the best universities in the world. Bring your meak, your poor, your weak… Yes, there is opportunity even for the poor to come and make their way. This IS America.

    And, yes, we should have some shame with the bush and buddies shennigans. They have not wrighted America … they have taken her off course. People should talk about this and how to improve our country and all its relations…

    If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem .– a hip-pie favorite — but true.

    Let’s stop talking about THIS and defending THAT [in words] and let’s DO. Let’s just do the wright, right, write things.

    Don’t keep the panic thread alive by writing about it, rather prove it wrong in the actions you/we – as a nation of individuals we take. You should know a lot about action: you are a soldier; you were a cop [my son is studying criminal justice at university].

    Do say it. Do it. I’m with you all the way with that; and like I said in my earlier pieces, I just don’t think we’re that far apart … years make a difference … more time to experience and more time to have the experiences settle in.

    Always a pleasure, Magus71

    -beeha, 2COB@wordpress.com

  13. December 21, 2008 at 11:47 am

    p.p.s. — I not only do not pre-plot posts -or anything else I write – I do not PROOF comments! So sorry for the many errors probably contained in these.

    -beeha, http://2COB.wordpress.com

  14. December 21, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    ppppsssss In my next to last comment – at the end – i meant to say: Don’t say it. Do it. oh, well.

    As to your friend, Kernnos, I meant no harm. No insult to anyone, and if I got carried away with this intriguing discusssion and was a bit rough around the edges, no harm, no foul meant.

    You apparently know him well and honor his intelligence, among other things, I suppose.

    I don’t, of course…would have to hear way more from him to get to know him better. Duh.

    Glad to hear you’re a 2COB visitor. Really. Afterall, we all need distractions. NOT!

    Thought it was around 25% “officially,” – which means more like 30% –and i have seen those figures, but they are not in front of me now; you do point out that those in the Works’ project are not included; i live in a Works’ project house in a Works’ project neighborhood. Very modest, but they keep the roof over your head and our neighborhood is a little living history…like so many others, of course.

    Left = Liberal I love it!!!! I wasn’t looking for a definition, but thanks for the intelligence!

    Oh my oh no not 2night, maybe not ever will i get into McCarthyism with you…cause that would lead right into Hoover and then … oh my I can just imagine. I might just get too heated for “print.”

    Take Care Magus71 — and don’t get too “intelligent” … it can make u or anyone stupid. Dickens wrote some great stuff about that, Charles Dickens – “Facts facts facts” one of his books begins…oh how they can be SO misleading.

    Cheers! — Yes, I like the British and I have been over there (even lived there and traveled all of Europe as a child) quite a few times…and other countries, too.

    -beeha, http://2COB.wordpress.com

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