Where’s the (D)?

I had to laugh. Right before I got pissed off. I’m sitting in the food court this morning, drinking a cip of coffee right after the morning’s physical training. I’m watching the news on CNN where they’re talking about
Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich getting hauled in by the feds. But there’s no (D), behind his name.
Hmmmm. Remind you of anyone else? Eliot Spitzer, perhaps? Same crap. Same news channel. They did it before, got called on it and they do it again. There’s simply no shame in these people.

See, I don’t give a crap if they show the (R) behind some knucklehead who does something stupid (and illegal). What I care about is fairness. I know the world’s not fair, but if the media is to claim a special place in America–making sure We The People can make informed decisions–the need to be fair. But they can’t. No matter what, they just can’t.

We shouldn’t be surprised at the the Illinois Governor’s arrest. If he’s convicted, that makes four out of the last eight Governors from that state to serve prison time. See what culture means. It’s culture in that state, dating back to the days of Al Capone.


2 Responses to “Where’s the (D)?”

  1. 1 kernunos
    December 11, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    How about all of the articles and stories stating how this wasn’t that bad, everyone does it, it is normal business, Illinois is not the most corrupt state or this is just human nature? I am sure if they could they would get us to believe Jesus sold Apostle seats. They try to soften the blow every time a Dem gets caught for something.

  2. December 12, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Of course they do. Call it the Bill Clinton Defense. Everybody’s doin’ it.

    They through the book at Scooter Libby (20 years in the Fed. pen) for something most people would not even know was against the law. What does Spitzer get for stealing public funds and buying whores with the cash? NADA….

    The media is disgusting. If anyone ever tells you their not biased for Dems. be sure the person saying this IS a dem. There’s tons of studies that prove it, but they can’t help themselves.

    Also, the governor is yet one more person of questionable character who had direct contact with Obama and his campaign. Coincidence, I’m sure.

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