Iraq is the Middle East’s last hope–and now the Dems own it.

You see, I’ve been accused of being a “Neoconservative”. Neocon, they say. Now I know humans need labels to identify things, so I won’t go on a tirade about not labeling me. No, we need labels–such as Moonbat. I like that one and plan to keep on using it.

People have accused me of being an apologist for Bush. I don’t know if that fits the bill, but what I do know is that George Bush was steam-rolled by the biggest Moonbat machine that I’ve witnessed in my life. The Iraq War simply sent the left into a blind, near-psychotic rage. It was embarrassing to watch really. First Bush facilitated the attacks on the Twin Towers. Then he lied about WMD. Then, Saddam Hussein wasn’t that bad of a guy after all. Then David Patraeus was a liar and Bush crony. Then the surge didn’t really work. Then we were building more terrorists by killing Saddam.

The Dems tried to block money that would buy the troops equipment–while deployed in a war zone and fighting the modern Barbarian Horde–Extreme Islam. They denied having voted for the war–which everyone knows they did–Hillary, Kerry, Gore–all Democratic presidential candidates that gave Bush the power to persecute the war with extreme prejudice.

So again, the Democrat party did what it’s done my whole life–stand against our own military and snuggle up to horrible dictators. They were willing to let our country lose this war, as long as it brought them votes. And it worked. But now it’s their hot potato. Be sure that they don’t want thousands of Americans slain in a 30 minutes window as happened on that clear day, back in 2001. Because for the last 8 years they’ve been trying to tell us that nothing Bush did was really working. It was all coincidence. So now Barack does the wise thing and hires on the best people for our defense. And the Moonbats are hating it. But none of these people have executive power. They merely advise the president, for the most part. And we won this war with them. And we’ll keep fighting it with them–and the Moonbats will keep doing what they do best–denying that war can be the answer.

So it’s yours Democrats. Have fun. I know I won’t blame you if no more Americans die by terrorist attacks on our soil.

Iraq is the last hope for the Arab world. The last hope for Democracy there.  The Middle East has already rejected the West. It cast the British out, but still wanted to mimic what they’d seen the British do. But the Arabs failed. Now, that part of the world only gazes at the West through jealous eyes, masking its resentment with the mythology of Western oppression. So the Democrats fought against the last hope for the Arab world to free itself–prove itself. To cast aside the yolk of totalitarian regime, genocide, hate, starvation and privation.

The Democrats ranted against hope itself, but now the ball’s in their court. Let the games begin.


5 Responses to “Iraq is the Middle East’s last hope–and now the Dems own it.”

  1. 1 Mason
    December 10, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    Well written. I hope there are a few libs left who can read this post and the linked article without their heads exploding.

    Anyways, magus, take a look at this politico.com article. The last sentence in the 9th paragraph is “… said the Democrat, who wanted anonymity for fear of antagonizing the president-elect.”
    Draw your own conclusions.

  2. 2 kernunos
    December 11, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    I am sure the situation is giving the new Iraq government heartburn. They are wondering how much support they are going to get I’m sure.

  3. December 12, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    The Iraqi government wants the US out. We WANT to be out. But for everyone’s benefit, things have to be done correctly.

    Obama’s line about an immediate withdrawal, back when he needed all the Moonbat votes he could swindle, was bunk, and anyone with any military knowledge knew this.

    I so wish I could have been a fly on the wall:

    Defense Advisor: Umm… Mr. Obama. I need to talk with you. About that thing you said.

    Obama: Change, change, change. What is it?

    Defense Advisor: Sunni Muslims are trying to destroy everything we’ve accomplished in Iraq. And the Iraqi military is a joke right now. See that gaggle of adoring female fans of yours over there? Yeah, the ones holdiong the copy of GQ with you on it. They’d fight just about as well as the Iraqis. At least if it meant you’d give them a hug or handshake.

    Obama: Sunni what? Look, this is going to be a New America. And everyone in the world is going to like us–or else. We’re leaving these people’s country. We should never have been there. Change–THAT’S what I’m talking about.

    Defense Advisor: It’s not quite that simple. See, the Sunni hate the Shia more than they do Americans. Actually, it’s no comparison. we can’t just leave. Plus we have people in Iraq that love us. They’ve died for us. Remember, the Kurds. Love America, really. I mean, even when we looked the other way while Saddam was gassing them to death and racking up mad kills, they still love us.

    Obama: That’s enough talk about military matters. what America needs is a new direction. Someone to point to more beautiful horizons. Change. But I see where you’re coming from. we’re kinda like the refs here. In Iraq, I mean. Ok. But none of this comes out until the tofu-eaters have cast their votes, got it? Not a peep. Then we’ll hire on the greatest cast of warhawks this world has ever seen!! CHANGE!!

    Defense Advisor: Roger that, Sir!

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