Obama continues to impress with the Shinseki pick

Obama hit another homerun with a recent pick for the Veteran’s Affairs cabinet position. General Eric Shinseki, retired four-star general; a man who suffered a terrible dishoner at the hands of Donald Rumsfeld.

Shinseki has a reputation for astute and honest analysis, as well as honorable behavior. He testified as to his belief that more troops were originally needed to pacify Iraq and was summarily dismissed by a feckless Rumsfeld.  See my link below. Shinseki, when in the past questioned as to his opinion on the troubles in Iraq and how he’d seemingly made the right call on troop levels, stated: ” I can’t comment while my troops are over there bleeding.” Vae Victus, Sir.

I don’t know if the nature of Obama’s picks will carry to his choices while in office. He’s staunchly in favor of abortion rights, an ideology which I’m sure will be overwatched by his not-so-shy wife. But, let’s be honest:  Abortion continued to be legal through the Reagan, Bush, Bush presidencies, too.



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