Killing Christ a second time

Well, it’s Christmas time again, and guess who’s back in town?

The great defenders of our national pride, the ACLU. Are they here to make sure that blacks aren’t being lynched, or that Muslims aren’t locked away for just being Muslim? No, per usual, they have more important things to do in this great country of ours: Ensure that Christmas is celebrated behind closed doors.

Even here in the army, signs advertising the upcoming Christmas party at my unit had to be torn down and replaced with the obligatory, Holiday Party signs.

Looking through the news, the stories are too numerous to begin to talk about a singular one. but I’m sure you know that drill: Atheist sees a Jesus manger amidst his city’s ornaments and goes on a godless crusade to have it removed.

My view on these Scrooge Moonbats is the same as it is on every other type of war: If you feel you’re fighting for the right thing, you never give up. You keep fighting, because when you stop–your enemy wins. And that’s just what most of this manger-haters are: Enemies to my damn country. What in the heck do they do with their lives all day long. Do they have things that they enjoy; children, wives, girlfriends, dogs–A COLD BEER?!

I think most of these people are just miserable to the core. The mere idea of others having joy brings them angst, so let’s get on with tearing down one of the most innocent moments of our Christian heritage: a little baby, in a crib–in a place where animals are kept. A baby who grew to a man, whose name was Jesus and who changed the course of history, who according to my faith did what I could not do: Made me right with God.

Anyone who is offended by the manger scene, deserves the discomfort of being offended.

The Left wants this country to be a spiritual void. They want us empty. But nature abhors a vacuum, and we’ll believe in something, somehow no matter how vile if only it fills that vacuum.

Stand up, Christians. Don’t sleep now. You should be outraged. Make your arguments known, and never, never let this country fail to hear the words of our founding fathers, who repeatedly invoked the name of God, whose words if uttered now would produce the spiritual version of shock and awe amongst Baby-Jesus haters.


1 Response to “Killing Christ a second time”

  1. 1 kernunos
    December 8, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    Global Warming is your new religion. How much will you be giving to the God of Carbon Credits today?

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