America’s enemies clamor to Obama

Be suspicious when your ideological enemies suddenly want to meet you for lunch. Go to dinner and sit, like Han Solo talking to Greedo at the cantina– with your blaster under the table and pointed at his guts.

Russia, Iran, Venezuela and some in the new Iraqi regime want to talk with Obama. They smell weakness. The Left’s belief, that if only we would change, they will change will be exploited here. Putin stands as a titan amongst the world’s politicians. Astute, cruel, nationalistic and certainly no coward, he knows how far the West can be pushed, at every angle. We should all hope that Obama does not trust Putin.

Our enemies are probing for new soft spots. They smile for the sycophantic journalists. They dress nicely. The Russians wear silk ties.

This is what I feared most. Not some overt military strike, but a mind war waged on a plane on which Obama does not exist. President elect Obama must be careful. He needs to surround himself with astute people, maintaining strength even in the “soft” areas of government, such as the State Department.

Mr. Obama, surely you have read Sun Zsu’s Art of War.

Our enemies have too, and understand it better than we. Know thy enemy…

This is not paranoia. This is reality. The world, mostly, is not like us, though it wants to be. But the price in blood, sweat and tears is too great for many other nations. They want what we have, and having been denied it because their religions, ideologies and political systems are archaic or rendered meaningless, they settle for jealousy.

Russia insists that we not deploy our new missile defense system. Iran wants to talk at the table–yet again– about its nuclear program. Neither of these countries wants to give an inch. They’re hoping Obama will give them miles though.

Some say that Obama will be strong when facing the myriad of international problems that are springing up. He will face down Iran and Russia. I thought that was cowboy politics. If Obama will do the same things the Bush administration has done, where is the change? My guess is that Obama doesn’t really know what he will do, and neither do most who voted for him.

Audacious as Hope may be, Mr. President, it is no substitute for knowledge, wisdom and strength.


2 Responses to “America’s enemies clamor to Obama”

  1. November 20, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Of course you’re just saying this b/c your a hate filled right winger who probably have one of those Jesus fishs on the back of your car … cuz why else would you write such a thing the Messiah 😉

  2. November 22, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    My Jesus fish drowned your Darwin fish with legs… 🙂

    Never underestimate the power of hate…

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