Obama is president. He’s America’s president.

And American’s put him there. No matter one’s ideologies, we should all hope and pray that Barack Obama succeeds in bringing this country together.

We cannot afford to waste our time or injure ourselves by arguing what may have been, or arguing Obama’s qualifications. The die is cast, and all Americans must live with our decision. Indeed, we can rarely escape our own decisions.

Barack Obama has a tough four years ahead of him, though the Bush administration did him a huge favor in all but destroying Al-Qaeda. Islamic fundamentalists, unlike their leftist sympathizers here, will not simnply lay down and give up. Obama must play his cards right, lest he look the fool as Al-Qaeda manages another catastrophic attack on American soil.

Then of course, there’s the economy, which tends to be more self-righting than problems with foreign enemies.

Obama has promised much. Now it’s time for him to deliver. The greatest country–the greatest people–in this world’s history needs a stabilizing force. Let us set aside bitterness and contempt. There is simply no place now for attacking the future president because he was not “our guy”, as the Democrats have done for 8 years. 

Remember Barack, only a strong America can be a beacon. Weakness is no virtue.

1 Response to “Obama is president. He’s America’s president.”

  1. November 6, 2008 at 2:40 am

    well said man. There’s been too much belly aching going on – and wallowing in sorry. The left did that coupled with extensive vitriol for 8 years and it really divided this country. No matter how good or bad President Obama turns out to be, America will survive. This govt is much much bigger than any one man and he’s got a lot of work ahead of him. Handling this like grown ups is key – we had Clinton derangement syndrome, Bush derangement syndrome and Obama derangement snydrome would be too much.

    the side I supported lost – but I can proudly say Obama will be my president

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