The time has come

I’m back from my ten day field training exercise. It was tough,but fulfilling. 16-18 hr days, 12 of which were spent inside the Tactical Operations Center with several other intelligence analysts. Daily, we reviewed computerized message traffic from real-world situations that have occurred in Iraq. Always, I monitored with reverence those messages, remembering that real soldiers had died when the words told me so. My shift started at midnight and ran to noon the next day. I had one shower in ten days.

Along with huge amounts of coffee, I took an herb, called Rhodiola Rosea. It has been used for decades by Russian olympians and cosmonauts and has nothing short of miraculous effects. It virtually eliminates the effects of stress, both physical and psychological. Everyone should check it out.

Our time in the “TOC” was supplemented with 2-6 hours of Warrior-Skills Training.

My time here at Ft. Huachuca is for all-intents-and-purposes, finished. TRADOC threw everything they had at us for this final exercise and the soldiers performed well.

I’m starting a new blog, called: Soldier-Citizen. It’ll be on the blog links here and will focus on more military issues. I haven’t written there yet,but I will soon. Hope everyone takes a look….

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who has supported me through this, and through the very tough past two years that have been mine. To friends and family, to the soldiers serving abroad who fight against those whose god knows only retribution void of love and who hatred can only be matched by the hopelessness of the acolytes who carry out His wishes. To my father: I hope you’re proud. To my grandmother: I owe more than I can repay. My three best friends, Jaimie, Mike L. and Mike R. You helped me when I was so down I could barely see straight; I won’t forget. And I won’t forget those at the Bangor Police Department, where I got my first “real” job. Don’t stop fighting that war that will never end: the war on crime, against the lawless. Finally to the sergeants, some of whom I learned what I must become, and others what I never want to become.

To all of you–Hooah!


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