In Obama’s weird world, weakness is strength

My friends at Moonbattery.com posted a good youtube video. In the video, Barak Obama explains his vision for the future, which apparently includes letting the rest of the world pass us by as an act of goodwill. See it here. 

You see, in Obama’s mind, strength and responsibility cannot possibly go hand and hand. So we’ll rely on our enemies to play fair, and make themselves weaker too.

Too bad Vladimir Putin is a far more astute political strategist and psychological manipulator than any Western leader. He’ll play Obama like a piano should the second coming of Jimmy Carfter inhabit the Whitehouse.


2 Responses to “In Obama’s weird world, weakness is strength”

  1. 1 Mike Rozos
    August 25, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Like Obama appears to be, Jimmy Carter was a brilliant diplomat, articulate speaker, harsh critic of Republican politics, and liberal minded thinker. He was elected by an enthusiastic populous, served four years as president, and made sure diplomacy was pursued as a top priority over any and all military force.

    His diplomatic dedication was admirable, and would have succeeded if his his poker hand had not been revealed to Iran:

    He not only avoided military conflict out of principle, but had no real ability to manage it.

    Carter’s diplomatic philosophies only work if the threat of force, as implied, is a real threat. Because he demonstrated ineptness and weakness, all of his philosophy was meaningless.

    It’s too bad, because Carter remains a scholar, visionary, and diplomatic thinker, but he showed his hand, and his hand was weak.

    I think any president has an obligation to pursue diplomacy. The mistake is when diplomacy is touted as an option to military force even if that force would never be executed.

    If our enemies know that, they know enough to slay the bull. The American people will always forgive, but our enemies abroad will laugh their asses off.

    Like they did toward Carter.

  2. August 29, 2008 at 1:14 am

    Though the Bush haters will never admit it, Bush has displayed more tendacy toward diplomacy than any president in my memory. He warned Saddam for weeks to remove himself from the country or face military invasion. This, in fact, cost American lives. One of the most important factors in warfighting is surprise. On a strategic level at least, Bush was willing to allow diplomacy to work, in exchange for soldiers’ lives. The American public was too….

    Historically, diplomacy is probably the single most over-rated aspect of international relations. The best “diplomacy” is being strong and having a lot to offer other countries in the form of goods and services. That’s when they’ll love you. In the past, countries have almost never done the right thing “just because”. This is true in our personal lives as well, though of course family and good friends are worthy of our self-sacrifice. The same cannot be said for other nation-states–they need to earn respect and trust on a continual basis.

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