Things are different from here on out

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the Russian invasion of Georgia, what it means, why it happened…

Here at the Army’s Intelligence School, my fellow analysts have been discussing the issue in class, in between bouts with our current main subject: Intelligence Planning of the Battlespace.

I believe the invasion was aimed at several purposes–and achieved all of them.

1) Test newer Russian equipment and tactics in combat.

2) Analyze tactics used by Georgian defenders, who were recently trained by US forces. US troops left Georgia just last month. The Russians knew of this.

3) Observe Western response. How far could they push things and what would America and Europe do? Nothing, is the answer. Wave our finger and tell Putin what a naughty boy he is. Thousands are dead now, though.

4) Satisfy Putin’s ultra-nationalist agenda. Georgia defied him. Now, he must punish them.

Our response was predictabvly weak. The left’s response was to blame Georgia. Russia fomented an insurgency, and got Georgia to bite at the bait. The trap was sprung.

Russia won. The West continues a string of losses, relying on diplomacy when the talking should have been over long ago. Iran, Syria, Russia. They’ll keep pushing. Those who love freedom will keep dying….

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