The New Russian Threat

We should express little surprise at the recent Russian invasion of Georgia, Russia’s former satellite territory. Over the past year, Putin smelled disapproval of America, that popular fragrance of today. But he has miscalcualted. When other nations feel threatened, America’s image can only improve.

 The recent invasion, make no mistake about it, has been long in the planning by the Russian military.

No one should be surprised, and people who say that America and the West are going to get what they deserve ought to be careful about what they wish for. They should remember that Russia is a country, living under a carapace of its own dried blood, and drunk not only with vodka–but its own sorrow. Now, she claws her way along, trying to reclaim a glory that she never really had. Yes, she had pomp and royalty in the time of the Czars, but only enough to remind the demos that they had little, and that they were nothing. Thus was the engine of revolution fuelled, and even now, almost 100 years later, fuels the conflict between the West and the Russian mind.

The president of Georgia writes here, about what has happened to his country and what it means to the West. He has stated that his country has divorced themselves from the old ways, that is, corruption, totalinarianism, despotism and ultimately despair. His country hosts a government elected by the people, and which was fully prepared to enter NATO. This is what Russia could not accept. This is the true Russia which has lie dormant for decades, waiting for the precise moment to rise again.

All the pieces to the puzzle are there. Russia’s stance in the Iraq War, using its position on the UN Security Council to twist France’s arm in the voting process, its support of the Iranian nuclear program even to the point of building the reactors, its supplying of weapons to Syria, and other nations clearly in opposition to international peace. Then, her voting, showing that the power to do wrong is not always in the hands of a nations government, but many times resides in the hands of the people. The people elected thugs.

I cannot say, now, how far this Russian threat will move. In any event, the game has changed. Russia will play the fool if she thinks herself even a shadow of what she was. She has neither the ideological impulse, nor the military might to amount to a world-beater. But what I do expect for the next few decades is a Russia that constantly undermines America, works with its best tool (psychological deception) to deceive the West with the West’s own media. Unfortunately, people will die because of this.

I do feel sorrow for the country of Georgia. It is simply not in our best interest to rescue our ally. Strategically it may have disastrous results should we take up a military defense of Georgia, even if we won the day by repulsing Russian forces.

The West is timid, as before WWII. Will Russia attempt to seize the initiative and make a land grab before sleepy Europe can react? I doubt it, but we’ll see.


1 Response to “The New Russian Threat”

  1. 1 Mike Rozos
    August 12, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    I shall remind the soldier of his antiquity and cold war upbringing. Shifting our own nation back to the [necessary] paranoia won’t be hard.

    But the sad truth is, as stated, that we must be an apathetic ally.

    As long as Russia exists, we have to be good neighbors, even though they smack momma around, and make eyes at their own daughters.

    We’re already looking the other way. I’m on CNN.com right now and don’t see much of anything about it.

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