Running at 5200 Ft. above sea level is bad…

Today I ran with the Airborne training cadre. The Airborne training is significantly more difficult than the regular PT, which is done every week-day morning.

The runs that I’d done up to this point have been at a moderate pace, and many of them have included sprints, which I excel at. Today though, while running with Airborne for the first time, something happened to me that has never happened to me before: I stopped running and walked for a short distance to catch my breath. I was pissed off at myself. The thin air really got to me because of the pace that was being set by the captain leading the run. The people at the very front of the pack have been here for at least a month, some more.

I finished the run in the first half of the group, but still felt disappointed. Last week though, we had our first PT test at AIT. I was the only soldier in the platoon to score a perfect 300, and my run was a personal best 12:09 two mile. I managed 79 pushups and 78 situps in two minutes, so no change there from my test at Basic.

I do wonder how long I can keep up my numbers, with age rolling on like a freight train.

At the end of our run today, we stood in formation, happy to be done with the tortuous run. Soldiers were high on endorphins, smiling and joking. A silence washed across us all when the captain, standing in front of us, a dull smirk on his mouth and slowly scanning our ranks, announced: “I don’t play favorites–I hate all of you equally. Tomorrow will be hell, and everyone here had better be here tomorrow.”

The laughing stopped.

2 Responses to “Running at 5200 Ft. above sea level is bad…”

  1. 1 Mike Rozos
    July 22, 2008 at 3:22 am

    Ha, ha! Psych!

    He probably has a botany degree and a lot of confidence. And soon, you will, too. Well, maybe not the flower education, but the confidence.

    Age does not roll on like a freight train. You resist it like a freight train!

    Remember, many of the guys who go off to SFAS are in their 30’s.

    “Age and treachery will defeat youth and strength.”

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