Sinking Ships, Rising Sun

This game of Axis and Allies has turned out to be one of the strangest that either Mike or I have ever played.

The two Island-nations, Japan and Britain, are the prime powers in the world, Japan having swept through east Russia with little or no resistance and Britain invading France twice and finally establishing a firm bulwark, reinforced with American infantry and armor.

Russia continues to stave off any attempts at her subjugation. The Germans were never at any point able to capture vital Leningrad, and because of the resources needed to maintain momentum after several defeats, they were unable to hold Africa, which remains in complete Allied control. A mere two territories remain in German control: Southern Europe and the Rhineland herself. Only a stack of Wehrmacht remain, while Britain, the most powerful nation in the game now, coils for a final strike. But will it be in time?

Perched and panting at the gates of Moscow, a growing Japanese horde is preparing for a killing blow. The victory is in the balance. Should Moscow fall before Berlin, it may give Japan the IPC boost and land-based industrial complex it needs to push through the rest of Europe.

If Berlin falls first, the Brits can probably reinforce Moscow before she falls.

Japan gained complete control of the Pacific when Mike launched a huge sea-attack on my fleet. I’d built four subs, had two American battleships, an aircraft carrier with one plane and two transports. Mike’s fleet was just as formidable, perhaps more so, but I expected to at least momentarily cripple his ability to ship troops over to Russia.

Instead, the American fleet was vaporized with only two Japanese transports going down. I lost well over 100 IPCs in that battle. America is now relegated to using a few transports to reinforce the Western Front. Mike rolled something like six one’s out of eight die rolls in the first round of the battle, sending the Americans to Davy Jones’ Locker.

The battle of wills continues. It will be decided today, though it’s unclear who has the advantage at the moment. A few bad die rolls will probably decide the thing.
May the best man win…



1 Response to “Sinking Ships, Rising Sun”

  1. April 19, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    May the best die roller win!

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