The Collision of Souls

The good ol days weren’t always good, and tomorrow aint as bad as it seems.~ Billy Joel


I wrote most of this while I was driving my car. Wrote it in my head.

A song from one of my favorite bands, Collective Soul, came on the radio. I thought to myself about the difficult times I was going through when that song first came out. Songs do that to me. I can usually remember what was going on in my life when they hit the airwaves.

Then I thought about the more recent difficult times. Then I thought about the difficult times before Collective Soul. Then I thought about the fact that there has never really been a time that wasn’t a difficult time.

I doubt that it’s much different for anyone else.

That’s what has been allotted man: A world of colliding bodies, souls, ethics. A struggle every day to find our Golden Mean. A war within our own minds that rages even when we’ve conquered our external foes.

And it’s eternal war. It began with the first man, whether he arose from the chaos of an antediluvian soup, or the Logos felt the urge for company in a dark and lonely cosmos.

This war, I suspect, will continue until the eve of man. There will be no peace, only a continual striving for some ephemeral feeling that we’re not sure exists. We want to feel good. We’re not sure we ever will.

The closest man comes to satisfaction, is when he is close to death, either in time or circumstance. His vision narrows, his senses heighten, his mind focuses, laser-like. There is no problem to solve but that which benefits the immediate and corporeal. Food, water, shelter, family. When the man who’s near death claws himself bloody and bruised over the burm of danger, his vision of the world will be forever changed.

Then the man will slowly awaken again to the morn of another inner war. Having defeated his external enemies, he must now turn on himself, smashing his own confidence, finding solitude in melancholy, remembering good old days that weren’t good at all… 

Collisions. All souls, all social structures, all beliefs–all civilizations–will collide as long as man is man. Some structures will be smashed beyond recognition. Some will be so damaged as to waste centuries in withered existence. The best will rise from an ashen mound, refined as chromium steel.

The dreamers will dream their dreams. They espouse the next Utopian vision, reminding us of past impossibilities now possible. They will ignore the horrible fact, that for every dreamer who succeeds, one thousand fail.

And no dreamer has ever changed an ounce of the human soul. No dreamer has changed the fact that at our basest, we are no better than the starving wolf, the enraged lion, or the sickened antelope that’s fallen too far from the pack, mere minutes from it’s final collision–with the jaws of a stalking cheetah.


1 Response to “The Collision of Souls”

  1. 1 How You Doin Blondie
    April 16, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    Very poignant, very insightful, very well written – like usual. 🙂

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