Why Obama’s speech isn’t enough

In Obama’s recent speech, he states that Wright was merely voicing an anger that remains hidden in many. But, it is not the anger about which most are concerned: It is the target and character of that anger. We deserved 9-11, GD America, etc.

If Wright had been on the pulpit expressing anger at what was happening in Darfur, explaining to the parishioners that Muslims there are throwing babies up in the air and cutting them in half before they hit the ground, gang-raping women in the middle of the street and filling graves with tens-of-thousands of murdered people–then Wright’s rage would have gained the blessings of almost every American that doesn’t camp out with the Moonbat Left. And, Obama would have gained the presidency.

Obama is obscuring the problems with Wright’s speech, not to mention, I believe, lying about whether he knew of Wright’s attitudes. Mentor is a big word, and it’s the word that Obama uses to describe Wright. To me, it goes beyond even the word, father. It denotes a person as having a deep spiritual and intellectual effect. Obama was just white enough to not use similar rhetoric in his own speeches, but he was just black enough to be pulled into Wright’s congregation, remain there for 20 years, and donate large sums of money. And of course, Obama knew nothing of Wright’s involvement with Farrakhan and Qaddafi. I’m sure that Wright has good qualities; I’m not aware of anyone in history that doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that we have to elect someone who very likely, if secretly, holds Wright’s views, as Obama may.

There is enough evidence, despite the media’s attempts to get Obama elected, just as they did with Bill Clinton, (by portraying him as hip and fresh, and on every dribbling magazine cover) to make any serious thinker a little worried about Obama. A smidgen here (dressing in foreign Muslim garb, but refusing to wear a flag pin or place his hand over his heart during the Anthem) and a smidgen there (Very liberal voting record, serious mistakes in early debates with Clinton, concerning foreign policy, connection with Wright etc.) are enough for us to know that he is not ready for the presidency.

It’s not up to any voter to trust a candidate. It’s up to the candidate to gain the trust of the voter, and of course the adoration of the media. Obama got one, but not the other.

3 Responses to “Why Obama’s speech isn’t enough”

  1. March 25, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    Laura Bush wore a burka therefore she hates America. Laura Bush doesn’t wear a flag pin therefore Laura Bush hates America.

    Sorry to tell you this but patriotism isn’t something you buy at a store and pin on when you’re in public. I know it helps keep everything nice and black and white – If you see someone without a flag pin, call homeland security ASAP – but it’s a meaningless gesture. I’m betting that as you read this, you’re not wearing a flag pin.

    It’s time that America moves beyond this grade school patriotism. This country and it’s people are more complex than who bought two fake flags for their car for $9.99 on the home shopping channel.

    Nothing Rev. White said has not been said by white preachers. Why not jump on them, too?

  2. March 25, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    My problem is not the fact that he’s not wearing a lapel pin–it’s the fact that he intentionally chooses not to do so, and explains it by saying that his beliefs are too pure for a pin. My guess, from all of his actions and from the words of his pastor of 20 years, is that Barak Obama really doesn’t like his country too much.

    Choosing to wear a flag does not make one a patriot. Going out of your way to not place your hand over your heart during the anthem, but then wearing Muslim garb in a foreign country and intentionally not wearing a flag pin–sorry that does say something.

    You’re correct; I’m not wearing a flag pin right now. But I would expect that if I gave speeches that were nationally televised, explaining that I feel I’m just too darn good to wear one, well my friend, I would expect people would question me as to my core beliefs, especially if I may be president.

  3. 3 citizenwells
    April 4, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    Great blog!
    We need the truth from Obama. It is unlikely that we will
    get it. The more I research Obama, the more concerned
    I have become.
    Keep up the good work.
    By the way, you may know this by now, Kip, the flaming
    Obama supporter has been mass posting on blogs trying
    to discredit other posters and then had the gall to accuse me
    of what she was doing. I am receiving a lot of personal attacks
    by Obama supporters. I deal only in factual data and am obviously
    striking a nerve with the Obama people.
    Their strategy is about diversions, withholding of information
    and personal attacks.
    Best wishes.

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