Excellent Global Warming blog for NY Times

John Tierney writes an excellent article on the recent climate conference in NY. Predictably, the left has accused the scientists attending , of being tools of (Darth Vader music, please) Big Oil. The conference was made up of dissenting scientists of Global Warming. Al Gore was invited, but didn’t show up.

Tierney makes the point that any accusations of Payola levied at the dissenting scientists can just as easily be made of scientists supporting Global Warming. Because, there’s always a new industry created when new products are needed to fulfill our society’s new needs. And that’s a good thing. That’s why we’re so comfortable here. But we need to realize that the accusations of payoffs and fraud are no more applicable to those who don’t agree with the theory than those who do. After all–General Electric stands to make (actually already has made), a lot of money from a society trying to reduce carbon emissions. I have no problem with any company making money, as long as they’re not doing it based on falsehoods or lies.


1 Response to “Excellent Global Warming blog for NY Times”

  1. 1 Dirty Goat
    March 10, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    It is interesting how this doesn’t get much news coverage. What will Al do? What will he do?

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